Poll: how many guys train legs at your gym?

what percent of guys in your gym train legs?

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  1. what percent of guys in your gym train legs?

    I notice that not many guys in my gym train legs at all. I go to a golds gym and I have to say this might be the least hardcore of all the gold gyms in the country. EVERYONE basically trains chest and arms only. On occation you will see someone do t-bar rows or something for back.

    I can squat more than anyone at my gym... mainly because the only other 2 people i have seen squat were a middle aged woman and a 12 year old kid. How many dudes train legs at your gym?

  2. Not many. Most of the time I am the only one doing stuff like squats and deadlifts.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by ArnoldIsMyIdol
    Not many. Most of the time I am the only one doing stuff like squats and deadlifts.
    Odd I guess I go to a good gym. Pretty much everyone I see regularly does legs there. Its weird but the crowd that is there when I go all seem to have the same split as me . A colleague and I were chatting one day and I guess she noticed that I was wearing shorts so she commented how on I wasn’t lazy because I worked my legs and SHE says to the person sitting besides her "ever go to a gym? they ALL have legs like me" and points to her own "normal" :legs.

  4. The only other person I ever saw at my local gym doing legs was a friend that was copying my routine.

  5. Same at my gym. Not many. Probably about 25-30%. I'm a little neglent on the legs to but I'm working on doing better.

  6. Hey you can't see your legs in a t-shirt at the bar!:squat:

  7. All I know is that I NEVER have to wait on any Leg equipment

  8. 30-50% that train legs in some fashion, whether it be a wussy workout or not. 10% that do squats.

  9. Yeah, I see guys doing QE's sometimes, but also dudes who stare at me like I'm raping a child when I'm doing deep squats...These are the wankers whose arms are almost as big as their quads...

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Viperspit
    All I know is that I NEVER have to wait on any Leg equipment
    Not to do legs anyway. But there's always a person who wants to do curls in the rack at my gym. I see that and I just want to go over and .

  11. The time I go, I only know of two guys who do legs besides myself. One guy is 70 and in damn good shape. The other guy is about my age and is pretty serious about working out. I see more woman working legs than anything. Everybody tells me they don't want big legs...I don't understand it.

  12. I know the gym I was going to before was only me and my workout partner. I would see people who thought they were working legs but I don't consider loading up the leg press and only moving it two inches working legs.

  13. I dont train legs in the gym because of cycling. I cannot cycle the day after because of soreness. Not cool missing a nice day of riding when in North Dakota you aren't sure you will ever see a warm day again.

  14. Well - there are two questions in this. How many people do train legs and of these, how many people really train their legs....

    Very few train their legs and most of these are women. Or as some guy said, 'it always makes me feel gay when I train my legs...'

  15. Not many and those that do only do partial reps.....one guy even interupted me mid-set once to tell me I was going to low and I was gonna wreck my knees......... I was like uh-huh, I can tell you know what you're doing with them chicken legs you're sportin'....


  16. Probably 30-50% of the people I see during the hours I regularly train.

    I do curls in the squat machine but that's when it isn't being used usually so many using the arms and chest equipment that this is the last place to get curls done.

  17. It is utterly pathetic how few guys train legs.

  18. All the females that go to the weight room i'm at does extensions and some leg curls. there used to be a guy that went on the abductor/adductor for thighs but he's gone. i guess 10% of the guys do legs.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Beowulf
    It is utterly pathetic how few guys train legs.

    I love doing squats at my gym for this reason. I dont do it for the "thats pretty good weight" looks I do it for the "what the hell is he doing" looks.


  20. Although I like seeing guys go from 250 Lb bench presses to 150 Lb squats, haha

    I thought the rack curl was only at my gym, very annoying.

    I think my workout partner and I are the only members that use the leg press.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by moklepaul
    Although I like seeing guys go from 250 Lb bench presses to 150 Lb squats, haha

    I thought the rack curl was only at my gym, very annoying.

    I think my workout partner and I are the only members that use the leg press.
    I think I'm the only one who uses our one and only power rack for heavy squats. I love seeing the looks that I get when I load 4 plates a side and bang it out for reps, especially seeing that little P.O.S. squat bar they have bend like it's made of rubber.

    Actually had a guy tell me that I did the two exercises he hates the most back to back (Heavy Squats and Barbell Rows), while he was loading up the smith machine. Sorry, if I'm going to squat, it damn sure isn't going to be in a smith machine, that's what the pins in the power rack are for. :squat:

  22. It would be more like 40-50% if I include all the women (and few guys) who train their abductors and adductors but that's a pretty gay exercise so I'd say 10-15% at best. At least I don't have to ask people to let me work in LOL

  23. I get the excuse that they walk all day so they are working them all the time. Some of the guys also say that no matter how hard they work them they don't grow and I'm like not working them is definatley the way to fix that.

  24. Adductors machines a gay exercise? I think not, adductors are often neglected and it's very noticable when looking at a persons leg development, look at the adductors on Tom Platz or Nasser El Sonbaty at his best, they both took the time to train them. I know Lee Priest does as well.

    Ok as far as legs they are up their with back for me i love training them both, i'll do front squats, back squats, hack squats, heavy barbell step ups, glute-ham raises, donkey raises, you name it i love it, ya legs hurt but i like it call me sick but i love it actually. I love having a hard time getting off the leg press or falling over after squats, lol. I think most neglect them out of laziness, because legs can take a TON of volume and let's face it you'll have times that you puke, get light headed, need to lay down, need help getting off of machines etc. Since we are on the topic this was tonights leg workout:

    Reverse Hack Squats: 4x 8-10 reps
    Leg Press with feet high on the plate: 4x8-10 reps
    Barbell Step ups: 4x8-12 reps

    Glute-ham raises: 4x 8-10 reps
    Lying leg curls: 4x8-12 reps
    Adductor machine: 4x10 reps

    Standing Calf Raises: 4x10 reps
    Seated Calf Raises: 2x10 reps
    Donkey Raises: 4x10 reps

    I've started changing up my workouts from workout to workout so this will all change next time. I still believe in squats as your main mass builder, BUT on that ppl REALLY over look is step ups and lunges. I prefer step ups, but don't just take it easy on them guy HEAVY and use a barbell so your having to use more stabilizers, this is equal to a squat imho. What's also nice about them is that if you have an adjustable platform like i use you can change the focus so you can hit hams/glutes more or more quad. My number one favourite is box squats though, love em.

  25. Just a note they got rid of the glute-ham raise in my gym so i just go backwards on the lat-pulldown machine and lock my legs in and have been doing negatives. I can do regular ghr's no problem with a good amount of weight as well but doing them this way i'm having to build up my strength before i can even do a full rep. But i still miss the glute-ham raise, nothing gave me more hamstring size and power than that.

  26. Wow almost all the regulars at my gym work legs they might not do squats but the do leg presses, seat leg presses, calf raises etc. I'd have to say about 75% of the people i see everyday work legs at least once a week

  27. barely anyone does legs at my gym, than again I am at a mainstream gym with lots of people that come once and never again. Speaking of legs as well, today I saw these guys at my gym I have seen a few times, very big guys, 250+ with what looks like 10-11% bf, so fairly lean. The funny thing was the guys calfs were the same size as mine which is seriously sad as hell for their size, even for my size my calfs are small, I just laughed and wondered how they didn't work them ever. They always seem to do the same split and grunt as loudly as possible so everyone will look.

  28. A good amount of guys at my gym have good calfs, but most puss out on leg training and just go through the motions, i can honestly say myself and maybe 5 other guys go crazy on legs. If you can walk right the next day you haven't done enough, lol.

  29. I go to the gym at kind of odd hours but I would probably say about 25% of guys train legs at my gym. I have never had to wait for the squat rack or the leg press.


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