How to make a change into the fitness industry

  1. How to make a change into the fitness industry

    Hey guys, I wanted to get some insight from those who are working in the fitness industry in some form. I'm being vague here because I'm interested in hearing about everyone from personal trainers to guys in the supplement business.

    Me, I'm in banking right now. I'm truly sick of it. Before that, I was an investment advisor. I've wasted too much time trying to chase after careers in the financial business.

    My real passion is fitness. I just want to hear some of your stories. How you made the transition, which field is profitable, etc. Thanks in advance

  2. Also interested to hear what others have to say on this subject.
    Follow me on my log to life and lift:

  3. I had the opportunity to start my own gym with an ex NHL hockey player. Could still do it the deals on the table. Just not sure if I want to make that investment

  4. I'd love to own a gym, but for me, I don't have the capital. Classic 'chicken or the egg' situation.

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