ride sally ride

  1. ride sally ride

    i just bought a 66 mustang with a rebuilt 302 in it. the 302 came from a 72 stang. i think about it day and night and about what i should upgrade first. i was just curious what everyone's favorite mustang year was.

  2. my dad has a 67 with a 69 351 in it; nice ride man; what color?

    his is a red convert, black interior completely redone and white top

    first thing I'd do is check the ENTIRE car over; did you buy it mint? check for rust, etc and get it cleaned up (dont use bondo)... this is preventative maintenance....

    after that it really depends on what you like... a nice set of rims and shelby-style suspension makes it look really nice i'd try for some 17s personally; i really like how larger rims (not too large!) look on the older mustangs...
    if you're going for performance, the 302 in there can REALLY be opened up... I'd do all the basics first; check corral.net for info on the 5.0 motor... its got info on the carb'd motor and the FI 5.0... LOTS of stuff bolts onto that motor!

  3. Nice car's that's when they knew how to build car's

  4. thanks, there is some minor hail damage and such which i will have to take care of but nothing big. it is viper red with black pony interior. i am probably going to upgrade the whole ignition(plugs, wires, distributor, coil), and exhaust to begin with. everything in the engine bay is rebuilt or brandnew but i think these things would help it out.

  5. yep you are right when you say thats when they built real cars. no powers steering, power brakes, a/c. it just makes it so much funner to drive.



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