Think before you speak

  1. Think before you speak

    Seeing as I am a girl that posts here I feel the need to share can ignore it, think it's dumb or whatever you wish but seeing as you all post naked girl pics....... I had to share this...........

    I have posted I have been sick, in the past month I have dropped a lot of weight, due to many things....can't eat, when i do it hurts like hell and I end up well honestly, most times barfing, so my diet these days is limited to say the least......

    I was at the gym tonight, and I saw my friend, when I walked in he was standing with another guy, well my friend turned to me and in guy fashion was like..."yo, H what's up"? And I said, nothing".....His friend, turned to me and said..."wow, you ok, your eyes are all sunken in, you look like your sick? Are you?" Mind you I had never met this kid that point i was really just so mad, but yet if I had said anything I would have cried.........

    So i did the decent thing and ignored them, did my routine, left and when i got in my jeep, bawled my eyes out.......the moral of the story, as I tell my 3, 4 yr old kids at school, think before you speak because you may hurt someone's feelings......But the other important thing here, he never knew he made me upset....!!!!!

  2. Sometimes people are unaware of things,it amazes me how people say things without listening to what they are saying..Im sure his intention was not to make you cry but he should have known better..You are the strong one Wrangle,your the one in the gym even though you may be limited in whatever capicity..Keep on keepin on girl,you have certainly earned my respect..

  3. hope you feel better.....

  4. H,
    Just remember that sometimes we all have times that our mouths get the best of us and I have a feeling if he had known that you had been really sick that it would have made him feel about 2 inches high.. Hang in there lady.. you are going to beat this yet

  5. Hope you feel better and don't let what people say bother you!

  6. Sorry to hear about your health, and the lack of manners some people have. You've always got a place here to vent and get support. Hope you get better real soon. You'll be in my prayers, right there along with MadMan!

  7. Keep your head up and get well that's all that matters. Feel free to vent here anytime.


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