Kinda On Topic- AST Validity?

  1. Kinda On Topic- AST Validity?

    Anyone know how scientifically founded AST's research is? They provide a lot of info to people but I know they are first and foremost a supplementation company and must make money. How valid is most of their info?

  2. Like all supplement companies, many things are taken out of context and stretched a bit but on the whole, they are pretty decent IMO.
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  3. they have lots of good knowledge but just dont believe that their sups are the only good ones. you'll end up paying quite a bit especially when it comes to protein.

  4. Their PHs are pretty weak.

  5. My first and only cycle (so far) pf PH's was last year with 8 weeks of AST's 3 Andro Xtreme and I liked it!

    Lost a bit of bf, got some good strength increases and hardness and vascularity was up too.





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