Strange New Hobby......

  1. Strange New Hobby......

    Oh boy........this is odd......

    Well I live on a dead end street surrounded by tree's, bushes, etc. and I notice a lot of different birds outside my house, so on my way home from work one day, I stopped and bought this kick ass bird house... and a bag of standard bird seed and put it outside....heres the pathetic part...I sit on my porch (with a black and mild of course) and watch those damn birds all day long....then I noticed some squirrels eating the food that fell to the ground, so I went out and bought me a squirrel feeder and an industrial size (Purina) bag of squirrel food (this **** looks good enough to eat) so I feed them too....

    Well my bird population has grown a lot, so I bought me 3 more feeders and placed them througout my property (where I can see them of course) and I bought 2 cedar bird houses (within 4 days they boy were occupied). So this is an odd hobby for an ECA crazy guy but its interesting. I have a few feeder nazis who chase the other birds away and I get some cardinals which are cool as ****. So now I buy the special vitamin and mineral enriched food....and I plan on buying 3 or 4 more cedar houses for the birds and a couple large squirrel boxes....

    Seriously you guys should try this, make your own feeder or buy one (you can get a bagin' one for $30) and the foods is dirt cheap for large industrial bags (like $25 for 50lbs around here) I got through small bags every couple of days. They really like the already shelled sunflower seeds by the way, its kind of relaxing and will take your mind off of your sub Q injections and the fear you're going out of business....

  2. AWWWWW!!! Who knew YJ had a sensative side?? The only birds I get around my house are crows, and seagulls.............wouldnt really work for me.



  3. I forgot to mention I pick them off with a high powered pellet gun and gut them like deer

  4. AHHHH thats the old YJ!!! I knew you must have hit your head or something



  5. Originally posted by YellowJacket
    I forgot to mention I pick them off with a high powered pellet gun and gut them like deer
    I knew you had something up your sleeve (even though a pellet gun is a little large for my sleeve)


    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  6. All my relatives are from West Virginia and they say the best thing to do is to either sit around and watch the grass grow, or watch the paint rust off the cars.

    I guess watching the birds could be more entertaining :P

  7. Originally posted by pogue
    All my relatives are from West Virginia and they say the best thing to do is to either sit around and watch the grass grow, or watch the paint rust off the cars.

    I guess watching the birds could be more entertaining :P
    Ha, true that...not much else to do.....WV has some big guys though, so we have a lot of liftersand lumberjacks and coal miners, etc. All there is to do here is work really and feed the birds!

  8. I do the same I have a bird bath and a feeder hanging out back and one for humming birds in the summer. It is nice to watch sometimes and I like watching the  squirrels (sp?). Just takes some time from the day and gives it a different meaning.

  9. Hey YJ... you can also add you some humming bird feeders and then you can watch the bird version of a crystal meth addict   actually my mother has about 5 feeders and some days is it is just nice to sit and watch the bigger humming birds (thumb-sized ones) run the other off the feeder till they have sucked down as much sugar water as they can hold....

  10. I got to feeders right off of my porch, its great to see those little birds out there and then a big Magpie comes down acts like hes going to kick all thier asses. So they fly away until he leaves and the cat sits at the window and does this chatter thing at them, what is with that

  11. i think youll regret the squirrel thing. they will get in your house especially if you have an attick fan on the end. they will also run the birds off. i also feed birds (i live in a very rural area).
    heres a trick my grandmother taught me , the birds love it , and the bluejays that run the rest of the birds off hate it. when i make turkey burgers , or anything greasy on the foreman grill i pour the grease into a little container and then pour birdseed into the grease and let it cool. its kinda a homemade log like you can buy in stores. the birds love it , our birds are so fat they can barely fly , lol.

    uh , but do it in a manly way (cough , grunt like tim allen)

  12. I have a feeder right outside of my house, that you can see if you're anywhere on one side. I get alot of doves, couple of bluejays, but these damn blackbirds piss me off. They steal all the food from the smaller birds, damn bullies. I like the squirrels too, I don't drive them away. I do on occasion get a hawk from the mountain near me, I love watching that thing.

  13. we try and feed the humming birds during the spring time here. also there is this huge bald eagle nest in the tree next to my house that i sometimes look at with the binoculars.

    the rest of the time it is just crows. i shoot at them with my pellet gun since they **** on our cars and steal my dog's food.

  14. Im exactly the same way. Im somewhat addicted to building workout equipment. Gimme a peice of scrap iron and I will put it to good use


    dez/null! "The McGyver of Bodybuilding"
  15. Thumbs up

    thats cool yj...i'm like other posters tho...some of the birds r bullies and eat the others food and stuff...dont much like squirrels since i was a kid and the got in our attic right over my room. we have a park where i live that has some really cool birds there. when i ride the trail around the lake there's some really cool lookin birds you dont see in the neighborhoods too.


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