Anyone here use home studio software (ir ACID Pro 7 & EZDrummer)?

  1. Anyone here use home studio software (ir ACID Pro 7 & EZDrummer)?

    I just acquired Sony Acid Pro 7 and EZDrummer with DFH and confused about something.

    The EZDrummer/DFH are supposed to install and insert into whatever studio program you have (in my case Acid 7) but I can't find the damn thing anywhere!

    I looked in my VST and soft synth and the closest I can find is the DFH sample.

    I've been searching the web for ideas and found none. The manual with EZDrummer is about worthless...mostly how it was made and one page stating how it automatically inserts into the studio.

    I keep reading about people dragging and dropping midi files....

    Can anyone help a guy out? I feel I'm missing something somewhere and too computer illiterate to figure out what exactly.


  2. I used to use all of those products(older versions) when I was recording tracks several yrs ago.

    I have a buddy that still plays and he now uses the new acid, ill see if I can get this info from him today and post it.

  3. Thanks.

    I'm still looking for an answer....and Drumkit From Hell.

  4. I was able to find EZdrummer in temporary files of all places. I did it totally by accident as I was running a cleaning program and happened to see it being deleted...I canceled the cleaning and looked in the temp files and sure enough it's all in there.

    But that still doesn't say where it is in Acid, as it was supposed to automatically go there as well.

  5. haven't had a chance to talk to him yet. I'm off the next 3, so ill prob run into him then.



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