Check out the pants

  1. Check out the pants

    I just got a pair of these to wear to work, so I can work then go to gym right after and lift. I'm looking into some good wife beaters and I'm going to put RPN on one Team Anabolic for AI on another. It should look pretty sick I like the companies so much I make my own shirts.

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  2. Nice dude, look slick.

  3. I'm telling you the pants are nice, I'm going to buy the orthers that hold extra gun clips.
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  4. I got these too. Gotta love the 511s. Best pants ever for the job.

  5. Do they fit big quads/booties?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Irish Cannon View Post
    Do they fit big quads/booties?
    when you say quad/booties do you mean legs/ass? If so then the answer is yes. These pants are legit. They have cotton/canvas ones which are unbelievable as well. They do not shrink at all and they are really cool and breathable yet very durable. Best pants around in my opinion if you have an outdoorsy or physical job.


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