Need some advice..

  1. Need some advice..

    I just started weight lifting again after taking a long break away and I'm not quite sure which is the best approach to reach my goals. Right now I'm 5"10 at 202. I'm not so much concerned about weight as much as I am body fat. I pretty much took out all junk food besides drinking on the weekend. Take isopure post workout and no-explode pre workout (i know overpriced rockstar with creatine) Currently I've been switching between three days of a full body work out usually 2-3 sets per exercise, one exercise per body part, alternating between 12-15 reps one week to 8-12 reps or chest (3-4 sets, 3-4 exercises, 8 12 rep rage) one day, arms (same as above just per body part), legs ( same), and back/shoulders. Also I do around 30+ mins a cardio per session (20 pre, 10post as a cooldown) . What's a good routine to help with decreasing the body fat and increasing mass.. .. should I alternate between cardio/weight lifting days or is combining the two okay.. also one the 3 days a week i usually end up doing 1hour to 2hours a cardio once or twice (college class requires 6 hours of gym time a week)

    I've done gvt, hst, max-ot before but that was before the gain of fat.. Any advice/tips would be appreciated looking at all the various workout routines and trying to determine which is most effective is confusing

  2. I would go with a strict HST routine with short rest periods, and do cardio on off days. If you feel the need to do cardio on the lifting days, do it after your lifting low to medium intensity.
    I would add some BCAA's to the mix.
    Limit the drinking as much as possible.

  3. how short of a rest period.. 30- 60 seconds.. and which hst routine.. have a sample by chance there are a lot of variations based on the principles..

  4. I rest for about 45-60 seconds. I would just google HST and get the standard routine (Brian Haycock), plan it out and tinker here and there if necc. What I meant by strict is dont go back and forth between different type routines or it becomes difficult to measure your results.
    You will eventually end up with a hybrid of the routine when you find out what works best for you, everyone is different.

    I also get the best results with a tempo (TUT) of 1-Concentric & 3-Eccentric
  5. How's this setup

    Flat Bench Press
    Military Press

    BB Row
    Upright Row

    alternating A one day B another

    Weeks 1-2: 15s 2x15
    Weeks 3-4: 10s 2-3x10
    Weeks 5-6: 5s 3-5x 5
    Weeks 7-8: continuation of 5RM

    and using the
    3/0/1 tempo



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