Hi one and all need some advice!! Low BMI should I lift weights at the moment

  1. Hi one and all need some advice!! Low BMI should I lift weights at the moment


    I have not trained since last summer after suffering from Aneroxia and especially after reading the piece on MD. I have had two opperations 3 weeks ago.

    I had to go to rehab/hosiptal and only left yesterday. I am still very much under weight at 53 KG and being 5'10.4 (178cm) the doctors told me due to having come through an eating disorder and that my BMI was so low I could not lift weights until my BMI was at least 20%.

    I am not certain this is valuable information as from most pros I have spoken to have told me it is fine to train as you can put on muscle, the doctor on the other hand thinks that I do not have enough fat preserves.

    What should I do,

    I do very little throughout the day and starting to feel more and more less energetic and am always fatigued.

    I do each morning 5 sets of differant ab exercises,
    then 7x 25 push ups
    and 3 times a week dips 3x 25 reps

    What should I do to improve home workout and diet?

    I also have been given a diet in rehab that contained alot of cheese and yohart and burgers etc.

    as my activity levels are low, I want to put on weight but not to much fat.

    I also eat out alot.

    Help Please from anyone!!!!!!!!!
    I also try and walk at least 30 mins a day,


  2. With being low BF your immune system needs to repair and while in the long run being fit helps. In the short term your immune functions could drop. Follow your doctors advice until you are healthy. This way if thre's any issues that come up they can attempt to fix them based off the variables they gave you and not something you did that they are not aware of.

    Get better and give it time then slowly get back into weight training and let your body adjust.

  3. Re

    Thanks Jay- but I am all fine now- a little fatigued still though. Do you think that I should focus on walking still and eating as much as possibleizza:

  4. Sicne you were Anorexic I think you should focus on eating lots of healthy foods in small portions throughout the day. Don't want to turn from anorexic to Bulimic. Work on stretches, walking and low intensity training and once you're given a clean bill of health i'd start with training with weights...

    Use this time to study up on training and nutrition and supplements etc. You'll be 10 steps ahead of many who start fresh.

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