Good Forearms to GREAT Forearms???

  1. Good Forearms to GREAT Forearms???

    I have alright forearm size I guess at 13.5in but I want to get them even bigger... I don't generally train them on their own and they have become pretty big, so I'm thinking that if I start incorporating more detailed training towards them that they will take off with growth... And idea's or suggestions on how I might do this? How do you work them?

  2. Vertical rope pull-ups


  3. Lever Lifts

    Lift the weight by pivoting at the wrist rather than moving the arm.

    Front Levers

    Back Levers

    or use a cable as follows:

  4. I've had alot of success doing simple dumbbell curls. What meow posted looks excellent. Also, the forearm is generally slowtwitch fibers, and I've personally had success with rep ranges around 12 with less-then-normal rest in between sets.

    Forearms are something I think too many people neglect and it helps pull your upper body together.

  5. Good posts meowmeow. :bb:

  6. you can do reverse EZ grip BB curls (i love these gets your forearms real good and works the biceps) hammer curls and also just forearm raises with a BB and put the weight behind you and curl up

  7. nice, I'm going to save this thread. I cant wait to hit the gym now.
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  8. IGF-1 Long R3

    If you use IGF-1 Long R3, using Grunt's protocol (i.e. low dose pinned immediately after workout in the muscle worked) make sure to pin your forearms w/ IGF-1 after working them. Just pick an area without a vein, use an insulin syringe and make sure to aspirate.

    Post IGF-1 cycle, your forearms will grow a little bit extra and become more vascular. Repeat IGF-1 cycle and you will get still more growth...not massive but enough to notice and when added to other growth from IGF-1 cycles it can become significant.

  9. Reverse curls and wrist curls, as shown by East1600Plus. You can also do reverse wrist curls on the preacher bench (you don't need much weight at all). I incorporate all three into my weekly routine, and my "huge forearms" are the #1 bodypart I get compliments on.


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