Cutting diet/keeping up with calories

  1. Cutting diet/keeping up with calories

    I need a little advice from you guys that have ran affective cutting diets and training programs. I understand calorie deficit is pretty much the one way road to getting shredded but my question is how in the hell can you determine how many calories you have used in a day. I mean there are so many different factors in play. I don't want to calorie deficit and hurt my gains due to the fact I work my ass off in extreme heat all day before the gym. How could I determine how many calories I use a day to in turn ensure how many would be the right amount to take in??

  2. Try the "my fitness pal" app. It's not gonna be 100% spot on, but it's decent.

  3. I'm aware of that app. But the thing is that app can't tell me how many calories I'm actually burning while at work and throughout the day. That app only tells me what's going in

  4. Iifym, possibly a fitbit.

  5. Calculate your TDEE, there are plenty of websites with calculators.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by greekgohd View Post
    I'm aware of that app. But the thing is that app can't tell me how many calories I'm actually burning while at work and throughout the day. That app only tells me what's going in
    why do you have to know.... it would be a trial and error type of thing, don't over think it

  7. I would have to know because if im burning way too many calories throughout the day versus what I take in than it will drastically affect my muscles and I will lose muscle mass. I understand anybody has to sacrifice some muscle mass but I want to do a proper cutting cycle. I don't feel like I'm overthinking it at all I feel like to get the best out of cutting or bulking the more precise you are the better your results...

    Let's say hypothetically I take in 4000 calories a day and I want to cut. So I work my way down to 2700 calories. That might be the perfect thing for someone that works in an office or inside or just for some individuals. But there are other factors than that. Let's say a roofer who competes on the side was doing a cutting cycle. Obviously the roofer would have to take in more calories during the day to maintain and probably should take in more carbs in his cutting diet versuses someone who is sedentary all day long. So in my personal situation, I work in a tyvek body suit sweating my ass off in temperatures up to 125 sometimes for 8 hours a day. Half the damn cutting diets I've seen I know if I tried I would fall out in the middle of the day. So this is why I want to know.

  8. The calculators are really just an educated guess.

    The way you determine your caloires is by keeping a food jounal (like my fitness pal). I assume currently you are eating enough calories to sustain your current weight correct? If so you track your food intake for a few days and then average it for you maintenance. If you see yourself gaining weight then scale back the calories.

    Nothing is really exact bud. It is all really like self experimentation

    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates


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