Workout routine help

  1. Workout routine help

    I every1...
    Iam been asking a lot about Shoulder Workout 'cause my it's ok but as I know we looking that round shoulder.. Any advise workout to get there
    thank you

  2. MEH, prob shouldnt be bumping this or really anwsering, but im having breakfast while sitting here bored ****less so why not! Maybe someone else may get something from my answer.

    1. Get a better translator program man!!
    2. Theres 3 heads the the shoulders. The Front/Side/Rear.
    3. Pay just as much attention to the rear and side delts as you would the front i see to many people smash out shoulder press or front raises, then its bent over lateral time and there form sucks and there just looking around banging out a few sets not really caring, because training the disco muscles is much more important then a balanced physique.
    4. Lifts weights on shoulder exercises, and increase weight in small increments week by week.

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