Week 1 5x4 Week 2 10x5 etc etc

  1. Week 1 5x4 Week 2 10x5 etc etc

    I have been wondering this for a few months now. My usual workout consists of 5repsx4sets 4 days a week. Now what would the pro's/con's be of spending 2 weeks a month doing 5 reps 4 sets, and another 2 weeks doing 10 reps for 4 sets.

    Week 1 5x4
    Week 2 10x4
    Week 3 5x4
    Week 4 10x4 etc etc.

    If there is a pro to doing this, would 10 be better than 10?15?

  2. I think it's a good plan... You stimulate growth by completely different mechanisms when you train in the 4 rep range vs the 10 rep range. Plus you'll get a nice volumizing effect or pump during your higher rep days, but still maintain your strength during lower rep weeks.

    I personally like to do both in the same week... M= 5x5 upper body, T=5x5 lower body, Th=8-12rep sets back/shoulders, FR=8-12rep sets chest/arms, SA= 8-12rep sets for legs

  3. I like to set up 2-3 week microcycles for myself and clients. I think you need at least 2-3 consecutive training sessions to really induce muscular adaptations. In your case, you may want to work something like this

    week 1-2: 10-12 reps
    week 3-4: 7-9 reps
    week 5-6: 4-6 reps

    Now, we can get funky with that too, and base it off movements or muscles. I.E.:

    week 1-2: Push (10-12), Pull (7-9), Lower(4-6)
    week 3-4: Push (7-9), Pull (4-6), lower (10-12)
    week 5-6: Push (4-6), Pull (10-12), Lower (7-9)

    Gotta love NLP


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