Where do you position the BAR on close grip bench presses?

  1. Where do you position the BAR on close grip bench presses?

    Can anyone tell me from experience, where the BAR should be positioned to properly perform "Close grip bench presses" in order to maximize the "triceps".

    Do you use the same bar position as a regular bench press (across the nipple line)?

    Do you move the bar lower down the chest or higher and closer to your chin?

  2. Lower the bar to the bottom of your sternum, keeping your elbows as close to your sides as possible. When you raise the bar, follow a smooth arc back so that by the top of the movement the bar is about even with your chin. This will ensure that the exercise is mostly triceps and has as little shoulder/chest involvement as possible.

  3. I think the bar should start at a normal bench position, and it should come down below what is usually normal. As owlicks says I would say this would be the bottom of your sternum. I personally feel even more comfortable pressing the bar in more of a straight line than an arc during CGBP. Make sure to not flare elbows as that recruits more chest fibers and possibly others.

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