Bulking up 5x5 modded

  1. Red face Bulking up 5x5 modded

    My workout is as follows:

    Workout A:
    Back Squat 5x5
    Flat Bench 5x5
    Machine Flyes 1st set 8reps 180lbs, 2nd set 200lbs 6reps
    Bent Over Rows 5x5

    Workout B:
    Leg Press 5x5
    Military Press 5x5
    Machine Rear Raise 1st set 8reps 2nd set 6reps
    Dead Lift 5x2
    Chins 5x3
    Upright Rows 1st set 8reps 2nd set 6reps

    Alternate workouts Mon, Wed, Fri A,B,A B,A,B etc (all 5 rep workouts get 5lbs total weight added every time i work it out and have deloads when i stall just like reg 5x5)

    On Mon i add iso for a bit of hypertrophy as i want size aswell as strength so when im doing an ABA week i do iso on mon and fri

    Iso workouts for A,B,A week:
    Close Grip Bench: 1st set 8reps, 2nd set 6reps (progressively adding weight)
    Strait Bar Curls: 1st set 8reps, 2nd set 6reps, 3rd set 4reps (Progressive weight add)
    Skull crushers 1st set 8reps, 2nd set 6reps (progressive weight increase)
    Cable pulldowns: 1st set 8reps, 2nd set 6reps (progressive weight add) and 5 quick pulses at end for pump feeling

    When i do a B,A,B week i do these iso mon and fri:

    Iso workouts for B,A,B week:
    Close Grip Bench: same as A,B,A
    Strait Bar Curls: same as A,B,A
    Hammer Curls infront of chest (for more intense brachiallis work): 1st set 8rep 2nd set 6rep (progressive weight add)
    Preacher Curls: 1st set 6rep, 2nd set 4rep (proggressive weight add)

    I kno usually rating workouts is frowned upon but im really trying to change my physique and i really wanna get bigger and have better shape/size

  2. There's way too much isolation work using low reps for me. I would greatly simplify this and not worry about things like getting enough brachialis work. I also wouldn't recommend going so low with the reps on the isolation stuff. That's a great way to injure yourself. If you are really working hard on the main exercises, that much isolation work is unneccessary in my opinion. I would suggest something more simple such as:
    A- SQ, BP, bent row 5x5; optional 3 sets of 10-20 of one bicep and one tricep exercise
    B- DL 5x2, military press 5x5, chins work up to sets of 10 then add weight; optional arm work as above
    You could also throw in a few sets of ab work from time to time. If you are working hard and driving up the poundages on the main lifts you don't need a million isolation exercises. If you eat enough this will be plenty to get big and strong.

  3. Thing is I know what ur saying is right but I want some shape out of my arms too. I mean right now they're a decent size but when I'm not flexing they look normal... No shape

  4. If you toss the flies and do dips instead, and add barbell curl 5x5 after your chins, you'll hit your arms plenty. In the 5x5 setup I just started using I do curls right after chins and it destroys my biceps, and dips do an amazing job of hitting both chest AND tris.

    Overall, I agree with SRS. The size comes from the compound exercises.

    rows, chins, and barbell curls > hammer curls and preacher curls any day, for either size or strength.

  5. I mentioned this in your other post, posting again so that it gets discussed as part of the response by other users.

    5x5 is an abbreviated style training. The concept is that you get stronger in the 3 main lifts, which will get you bigger. You cannot bench big if your chest is not growing, it will grow as the pounds increase progressively. You save your energy and recovery for the main lifts.

    Adding more work and training in the traditional manner makes it a traditional full body workout and not the 5x5 program. they both include 5 sets of 5 of some of the lifts, but they are not the same workouts.

    Beyond Brawn is an excellent book on the subject. He beats the "hard gainer" thing to death, but still a very good book if you're willing to try something new.



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