Elbow Joints and Shoulder pain...

  1. Elbow Joints and Shoulder pain...


    I was wondering, is it bad for your joints if say your doing bicep curls and you go down like all the way? Also when your doing tricep pull downs, is it bad to let the weight up all the way? Just wondering because my elbow joints don't hurt but they feel funny.


    Ok, so say if your doing side laterial raises, if i dont lift or go down at a certain angle it feels funny, almost like pain(not burning pain), Its deffinitely the isolation movements that make my shoulders kinda hurt, I don't know if this is a normal thing or not.


  2. I have the same shoulder issues and just keep the side and front raises light but high rep.

    I don't really do curls or extensions, but letting your arm go straight or all the way up helps stretch the muscle when doing them. Although if its a hefty amount of weight I'd be careful not to over extend anything and do some light-weighted stretches after, if ya know what I mean....
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  3. Bump, I also do reverse tricep pull downs, maybe that exercise can be bad for your elbow joints? I'm only 23 I can feel my elbows feel different, they don't hurt but just feel funny.

  4. I was doing decline skull crushers and my elbows would crack like crazy, they sounded like my arm was gonna break but i felt no pain, then I started feeling like the joint was under a lot of stress so I switched to decline tricep extensions.

    Even if I just straighten my elbow right now if I hold it there hard it feels like my elbow is under a bit of stress so I dont lock out of any tricep or bicep excercises.

    I havent heard of reverse tricep pulldowns being bad, I cant see why it would be a problem bringing the weight all the way up.

    Is the pain in your shoulder sharp or dull? If its dull it might just be your rotator cuff getting a bit of a workout, if its sharp it could be something bad, I have a lot of shoulder problems so I stick to DB raises for heavy lifts (I call them grocery lifts). http://www.exrx.net/WeightExercises/.../DBRaises.html

  5. It's very dull, more like I just feel it all day long no pain but it's kinda a feeling hard to explain lol



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