Critique my workout please

  1. Critique my workout please

    dumbell bench- 4x 8-12
    incline barebell-4x8-12
    dips-4 weighted till failure
    cable crossover superset with incline cable fly -4x10-12

    bent over row- 4x 8-12
    lat pull 4x 8-12
    seated row 4x 8-12
    one arm dumbell row 4x 8-12

    standing barbell curl 4x 8-12
    seated dumbell curl 4x 8-12
    standing cable curl 4x 8-12
    v bar pushdowns 4x 8-12
    reverse grip tri pulldowns 4x 8-12
    over head tri extension

    seated dumbell press4x 8-12
    front raise 4x 8-12
    rows 4x 8-12
    bent over rear delt drop set 15,10,8,8x2
    shurgs 4 until failure
    side raises 4x 8-12

    squat 4x 8-12
    lunges 4x 8-12
    leg curl 4x 8-12
    hack squat 4x 8-12


    ez-bar curl 4x 8-12
    concentration curl 4x 8-12
    hammer curl 4x 8-12
    skull crushers 4x 8-12
    one arm cable pushdown 4x 8-12
    close grip bench 4x 8-12

    i do forearms every other day and abs everyday.'

    Thx for the comments.

  2. a few things i would mention.

    1 - i wouldn't do a back day and then walk into arm day. pullups till failure should make curls the next day a nightmare
    2 - no deadlifts on back day
    3 - one day off per week? you'd be one of the few that could pull that off without overtraining.
    4 - rows on shoulder day i assume mean upright rows? if so, no issue there.
    5 - sunday arm day and walking into chest day would be hell on triceps, possibly leading to overtraining
    6 - two arm days per week? they're small muscles and they're being trained as secondary muscles on 2 other days per week. that's 4 days of working them per week.

    just food for thought.

  3. It looks like pure mass is your goal. Id suggest cutting both arm days out of your routine, as per SunClouds post. And your gonna need the extra days off to actually grow.

  4. That's way too much volume. For instance, I've been seeing good arm development by only doing 6-8 total sets for upper arms per week. Less can be more, my friend.

    Here's an example of the routine I'm using. Basically it involves hitting each muscle group twice per week with lower volumes. I keep this up until I know I need a break (often for me it's 5-6 weeks on, 1 week off)..

    * Warm up however suits you best. You can switch up the rep ranges to suit your needs and change the number of sets if you'd like. If anything, I'd decrease the sets for any given exercise before I increased it.

    Day 1 - Chest/Shoulders/Triceps
    Roman Chairs x 5 minutes (not necessarily 5 minutes straight.. Warms up the CNS)
    Bench Presses 4 x 10, 8, 6, 4-6
    Incline DB Presses 3 x 8, 6, 4-6
    Arnold Presses or DB Presses 4 x 10, 8, 6, 4-6
    Weighted Triceps Dips 2 x 6ish (shoot for 6 strong, deliberate reps)
    (Abs exercise) x 4 sets (Make sure these are deliberate reps, not fast and choppy)

    Day 2 - Back/Legs/Biceps
    Roman Chairs x 5 minutes
    Weighted Pull-ups 4 x 8-10ish (don't have to use weight)
    Bent-over Underhand BB Rows 4 x 10, 8, 6, 4-6
    Barbell Lunges 4 x 8-10ish
    Standing Calve Raises 3 x 10-12ish, 1 x 4-6ish
    (Biceps Exercise) 1 x 6-8
    (Biceps Exercise) 1 x 6-8 (optional)
    * I prefer standing bar curls, incline DB curls, lying curls, standing DB curls, preacher curls, concentration curls or reverse curls. I swap them out all the time and it's been working very well.

    Day 3 - Off (rest days are very important)

    Day 4 - Shoulders/Chest/Triceps/Abs
    Roman Chairs x 5 minutes
    DB Presses or some other compound shoulder exercise 4 x 10, 8, 6, 4-6
    Upright rows 3 x 8, 6, 4-6
    Pressing movement for chest (i.e., incline DB presses) 4 x 10, 8, 6, 4-6
    Weighted Triceps Dips 2 x 4-6ish
    (Abs) 4 sets (I prefer regular crunches or reverse crunches)
    ** Sometimes after abs I'll do standing side twists for obliques. This is a great exercise for keeping your sides tight. I do about 30 reps for each side.

    Day 5 - Legs/Back/Biceps
    Roman Chairs x 5 minutes
    Squats 4 x 10, 8, 6, 4-6, +1 set of higher reps optional (12-15 reps)
    Leg Curls 4 x 8-10ish
    (Rowing exercise such as BB rows, cable rows, T-bar rows) 4 x 10, 8, 6, 4-6
    (Biceps exercise) 1 x 6-8ish
    (Biceps exercise) 1 x 6-8ish (optional)

    You can swap out some exercises for others as long as they work in a similar fashion. For example, you could swap out barbell rows for seated rows, since they both work the back in a similar fashion, but don't swap out a rowing exercise for an exercise like lat pulldowns (On day 2 where you do back first, I'd recommend always keeping barbell rows, just switch up underhand and overhand grips). I like to keep things varied. As of now I'm switching out between 2 similar workouts (i.e, Week 1, Week 2, Week 1, Week 2, ect..). Each routine looks similar to the one above, but I use different exercises. It keeps me for getting used to the same old routine. I do deadlifts every other week on Day 2; I exclude the pulldown exercise (pull-ups) and replace them with the rows, then afterwards I warm up before doing 3 sets of heavy deadlifts (3 x 5, 3, 1). I may do one set of pull-ups before I do the rows.

    PM me if you want more info on this routine...

    Or use the search button or Google to find another known-to-be-effective routine. Also, since diet will make or break you, make sure your diet is spot on. That's when you'll see results on a consistent basis.

    Also, I'll go ahead and tell you that if you want better arm development, look to improving how you train the larger muscles. For instance, I've been seeing more and more arm development since I've started doing less arm-specific work. If it were up to me, I'd be in the gym 2 hours per day doing set after set after set, but unfortunately it doesn't work that way and this stuff requires an almost scientific approach.

    Random Tip: For increased biceps power and development, try doing bent-over underhand rows. Pull the bar into your gut. Works the back well but also involves the biceps a lot more than regular rows. After I started doing underhand BB rows, I noticed my biceps responding almost right away. I make sure to use underhand and overhand rows in my routines. Here, check this video...

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