For anyone who follows a push/pull/legs split...

  1. For anyone who follows a push/pull/legs split...

    I just started doing this and today was my push day (chest, shoulders, and triceps). I'm curious though because before this I did a 5 day split where each of those 3 muscle groups pretty much had their own day. Do you cycle which muscle group you work first? Because I mean even when you use good form and all, your delts and triceps will still get some work out of your chest sets. Or is what they get out of that so minimal (or should be at least) that it shouldn't affect how much weight you use for the shoulders and triceps?

  2. I cycle my exercises.

    Instead of changing programs, i just change the order of exercises around. after a few weeks you can move triceps up front for an arm program, Place priority on your lagging parts and work them first.

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