any ideas for upper pecs?

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    Research done by exercise scientist often contradicts things bodybuilders have proven in the gym. But this can go both ways. As far as I'm concerned, what matters should be the bottom line. What I'm wanting to know when I undertake something is whether or not I'm going to get results out of it, regardless of what's happening from a physiological standpoint. If it works it works, if it doesn't, it doesn't.

    I'd go as far as to say that regardless of what experts in the field of exercise physiology say, incline presses are here to stay. There are a lot of people who swear by it. You could even say that the people who swear by incline presses could have achieved the exact same level of (upper) pectoral development without them, but regardless, no one is going to convince the masses that incline movements are useless all together.

    The best way to figure out if something works for you is to try it for yourself. If you see results from including incline presses in your routine, do them. And if you think you don't need them, don't do them.

    Doesn't seem too complicated to me

    i have only been doing declines lately. it is seems to be the most natural pressing movement for me. upper pecs are growing too. i never got much out of inclines had to use less weight + the rom hurts me shoulders.

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    I wouldn't post information solely based on my own research. I've read countless articles on research studies which have obtained similar results to my research. Those also come from people higher in educational experience than myself at the present time (PhD).
    Post the research please in a PDF. format for all to see. I'm not stating that you're wrong in actuality, just that I believe you are based on the materials that I have read and my own experience,which is varied and long.I would like to see the reports that you have, perhaps you can post the EMG data that is contrary to the data I posted. Dr. Jose Antonio is well known and respected in his field also a PhD and is the worlds foremost expert on the subject.
    Did you read his books or articles? He has done significant research and study to come up with his conclusions. I don't feel like I am debating you or arguing, I just want opposing data to compare where two tests, testing for exactly the same thing come up with different answers more than one time(of which I have yet to see or read any). It seems odd to me, that standard scientific testing,that is widely accepted could be in such contradiction to one another during the same type of testing.

  3. [QUOTE=Sinon;1872238]Thanks for the guys who actually had suggestions. The other dudes, I hope you can resolve your differences. Either way, were all brothers.

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    Theres nothing wrng with a healthy debate lad.

    Seriously, try the exercise I mentioned though, tell me how you like it.

  4. Pullovers for the pectoralis minor can add thickness to the pecs so I would include this exercise if you are having trouble building your pecs. Someone mentioned pre-exhaust which imho is one of the best ways to build a lagging chest. Any angle of crossovers, dumbbell flies or pec deck will pre fatigue the chest but you must immediately start your benching movement when you reach positive failure on the isolation movement. If done correctly the pecs will fail before the anterior delts and you will easily be able to feel the difference. In addition if you are a delt presser squeeze your shoulder blades together while driving your shoulders into the bench and down towards your hips. Hold this position while you bench and you will find your delts are less involved. Big thing here is not to lift your shoulders as you press the bar up. Like already mentioned I never found an angle of more than 30 degrees to be of any use.


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