This dude is INSANE

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  1. some crazy strength.. im kind of envious of this guy

  2. Guys, do some youtube searches for the "BarTendaz" ... those guys do some rediculous stuff in kids playgrounds.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by HappyDP View Post
    Guys, do some youtube searches for the "BarTendaz" ... those guys do some rediculous stuff in kids playgrounds.
    I have seen that sh^T before. I cant very well go and practice those excercises at the playground or I will look like an idiot!

  4. This guy is good, but he use steroids also... look at his nipples... he got bitch tits imo.

  5. Cool video... But if I showed that to my brother who's been doing gymnastics for the past 18 years he'd shrug.

    My brother is ****ing jacked and has never lifted anything more than his own body weight, gymnastics is sick.

  6. Damn!


  7. Huge props to gymnasts for sure, they are absolutely incredible athletes... but im willing to bet this guy definately WASN'T enrolled in gymnastics as a child haha and hasn't been doing this his whole life... who knows though.

  8. Google or Metacafe . Search Dominic Lacasse . At one point he held the world record for flag pushups . Also his Parkour/freerunning videos are the stuff of legends . I'm talking backflips into handstands down flights of stairs . check it out .

  9. I'd like to know how do you train to get to that point? I've had some serious core/trunk strength in the past, but that is ridiculous.
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by nycste View Post
    jesus those girls in that video are my dream girls, not only are they all beautiful, sexy, toned, jacked, hardcore, but their mental strength is beyond powerfull and thats the sexiest of all

    can someone of crossfit explain to me why speed on pullups and squats are of such importance? why the swinging? etc isnt that possible unsafe? and doing squats really fast with knees foward not the smartest or am i just thinking to much about this?
    Most of the crossfit workouts are geared towards metabolic conditioning as opposed to a BB workout that is designed for maximal muscle developement. They design their workouts around functional strength and conditioning so when doing pullups the goal is not for maximum lat developement but more for accomplishing a maximal amount of work in as short amount of time as possible.

  11. 3:47
    he is big


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