Pain in forearms help please!

  1. Pain in forearms help please!

    Hey everyone, my question is wheneva i do standing Barbell curls (with ez curl bar), both of my forearms on the outside bottom parts of them start to hurt and burn when i do curls and idk y, it just started happening maybe its the cold i live in michigan, maybe im doing something wrong, please help!

  2. Could be any number of things. If you've previously been able to do barbell curls without this forearm pain, then my best guess would be that something happened to your forearms along the way. You might have strained them or they might be overly fatigued and inflamed. Either way, I'd recommend that you rest them for a little while. Don't do anything that aggravates that area. After a while, you can ease your way back into doing curls with light weights, gauging yourself to see where you should go from there.

    If it is an actual injury, don't try to work through it, as that will only make it worse. Resting will be your best bet here. If you can find other exercises that work around that pain, then do them. But anything that causes pain to that area should be avoided for the time being.

    That's my opinion. Hope it gets better for ya

  3. You're probably using too much weight and actually performing cheat curls, which put more pressure on the forearms. Do drag curls instead. Better for the bicep and far less pressure on the forearm.

  4. Hey bro, I had the same thing and sometimes still do... What i started to do is on the day you do arms, or shoulder's whatever you choose,,,, throw in some forearm ex's. moving palm towards you and palms away from you.. I am prone to wrist issues to this has helped me a lot but it flows from your forearms

  5. alright thanks guys but what are drag curls? any pics or videos? thanks

  6. Quote Originally Posted by MMAMONSTER19 View Post
    alright thanks guys but what are drag curls? any pics or videos? thanks
    Yes,, Google, etc.

  7. ok alright thanks guys

  8. Quote Originally Posted by MMAMONSTER19 View Post
    ok alright thanks guys
    Sometimes if you go up in weight too fast the bones/tendons have a difficult time coping. Try dumbbells for a while if it doesn't stop.

  9. ok thanks guys and this happened tuesday during my shoulder workout, i was doing DB forward lateral raises only using 20's going light cuz i have bad shoulders and to see if it would affect me and it did in my 2nd set my left forearm starting going into pain and i didnt understand what up set it? is it possible that as now im in Michigan and it gets really cold in the winter which is now haha that possibly my muscles and bones and joints will have a small amount of pain introduced because of the weather? hope that doesnt sound to retarded thanks

  10. I have had this problem in the past due to the fact that my biceps are pretty strong, but at the end of particularly tough workouts, I'd tend to cheat a little bit. I found that if I was too exhausted I had a tendency to roll my wrist as I performed the curl movement. This is what leads to the feeling that your tendon is being ripped out of your forearm.

    Cheat curls can be great for bicep mass (Arnold Swore by them) but you shouldnt be roatating your wrist at any weight... its just too heavy if you're doing this.

  11. If you don't, incorporate the deadlift and shoulder shrugs into your routine. The deadlift is a great movement all around.

    I have found that both exercises dramatically strengthened my forearms. Plus, everyone could use a nice set of traps.

  12. it could also be a dis proportioned strength/size between your triceps and biceps. increasing you tri's will help take the stress off you forearms (its stress on your bones that causes the pain)
    Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general. -Rippetoe

  13. Your brachialis and brachioradialis could be contracting to much force to stabilize your elbow joint during flexion due to weak connective tissue at the elbow. Or try bringing the weight closer to the body to reduce the torque placed on the forearm during elbow flexion.

  14. alright will do thanks alot guys


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