I just finished a long cutting cycle using 1-test. I went from 217-210 while on t1-final for 10 weeks while keeping mass and getting stronger, with some bloat (pissed me off). I have been off for a week and I am taking some nolva and a little clomid and increasing cals to prevent massive muscle loss. I am down to 200 in the morning about 205 at night which is good for me, the bloat is gone and I look alot more chisled (but smaller) which I guess is what I was trying to get at, my muscles are starting to look a little more pronounced with the water loss. Obviously the next step for me while taking about 2-3 months off ph's/aas is to bulk, but I want to keep the chiseled, non-bloated face while doing it, because Ive noticed girls find the fat face/double chin look quite unattractive. I saw pics of me while bulking and on alot of 4-ad and i wanted to put myself down after looking at them b/c I looked like I weighed 350 lbs (100 being my fat ****ing face). How is it possible for me to bulk up to maybe 215-220 while keeping the bloat off? should I do cardio? or will that defeat the purpose of bulking? Should I wait for my next cycle and take nolva during the cycle to prevent the bloat from coming? Im not really sure at the moment im kind of pissed that I dont look as big with clothes on, but im happy when I take my shirt off and look a hell of alot better than I did previously. I am thinking about taking clen (I have some left over) for another 2 week cycle and seeing if I can prevent some of the fat gain that will come from eating extra cals to prevent the muscle loss that is around the corner. Im sure many of you have been down this path before and im interested in what you all did at this point and time in your muscular development (for lack of a better phrase).