16 week tren/test/superdrol and IGF/GHRP6

  1. 16 week tren/test/superdrol and IGF/GHRP6

    ok guys, thanks for all the help/comments on my previous post, the main point of me logging this is to see how using IGF and GHRP while on gear goes for me, this will also be my first longer cycle as this is nearly twice as long as any previous cycle i have done so i hope post cycle therapy isn't too much more difficult as well, trying to keep the doses longer and slightly lower to put on weight slower and see how that works for me

    any comments are welcome,

    so.....after much thought here is my proposed cycle:

    Started the IGF this week and going to run that at 20-40mcg E3D for 4 weeks then run GHRP6 for 4 weeks at 150mcg 4on/2off with one week overlap with the IGF before my cycle to try to test out the new cell theory, while i simultaneously eat like a fat kid at sizzler to try to put on weight and build a good foundation

    week 1-4 IGF 40mcg/E3D
    week 3-7 GHRP 150mcg 4on/3off

    then cycle time

    week 1-16 test cyp 500mg per week i will bump it up to 750mg a week during the break between the superdrol and the tren too
    week 1-4 superdrol 20mg
    week 2-6 IGF 40mcg E3D
    week 5-9 GHRP6 150mcg 4on/3off
    week 10-16 tren ace 25mg ED
    week 10-14 IGF 40mcg E3D
    week 13-16 GHRP6 150mcg 4 days on 3 days off
    week 3-16 HCG 250IU every week
    week 3-17 arimidex .5mg ED to minimize potential gyno/bloat
    week 16-18HCG 250iu twice a week while waiting for the cyp to clear my system

    basically test/superdrol, then higher test, then test/tren with IGF/GHRP6 layered throughout

    i will be using all the normal supplements while on and then the usual post cycle therapy with tor/IGF/lean extreme/zma/trib/etc....
    i have it all planned out but i'll post my post cycle therapy and all that when i come to it

    i have everything in an excel spreadsheet also if that is useful to anyone i would be happy to figure out how to post it on here.

  2. i am currently 5'7" ~180lbs and i'm guessing around 8-9% bf, i'll try to post some pictures sometime in the next week, i'll be following a relatively standard 4-5 days a week workout targeting the main muscle groups, my main problem will be eating enough i think.

    this is my third cycle, the other ones were 6-7 weeks about and consisted of one 3 week superdrol cycle, a test/deca cycle and a test/tren cycle that i had to abort due to illness. have used 1mg of IGF over the last year.

    goal = 205 lbs 7-8%bf by June
    and major strength gains are even more important
    really want to do that 315 max bench, got up to 285 last cycle but have since gone back down to 245 max

    which for me is basically all out bulk, had to take most of november and part of december off for personal reasons so want to get past where i was, however i'm naturually very lean so doesn't really matter what i eat i dont put on much bodyfat and with all the peptides and gear i dont think it will even be possible for me to put on fat so i'm going to eat everything within arms reach.

    this will be a relatively casual two part log but i plan to post a few times a week with my lifts and weight and hopefully a few pics along the way. i'll be posting while just on the peptides to try to add some info to this awesome site we have here and i'll post a bit more frequently once i'm on the gear

    any comments or suggestions are welcome!

    off to do legs now......

  3. You could save your self some pokes and do the tren eod instead of ed. I know guys that went that route and swear it worked just as well. I always did ed like you though. It looks like a good cycle as far as the gear goes. I have no experience with the igf 1 though. What you have should definatley put you at around 200lbs. I always liked to run tren the entire length of the cycle but I can see why you wouldn't want to because pinning ed for 16 weeks would be a *****. If I still used illegal stuff I would go with the longer cycle like your doing. You should post pics when your done. 200lbs @ 5'7'' 8% body fat sounds large.

  4. Cycle looks siiiiick bro, and well planned out!
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  5. i dont mind being a pin cushion, its more all the sides that tren causes that suck, that stuff is pretty hard on you and i dont think i could handle it for much more than 6 weeks! haha...

    so i just started the IGF so i dont expect anything huge yet but might as well start logging, my main goal is to try to get some pics up before the cycle starts as i always like those in other logs

    for my exercises i'm just going to list the max weight i worked up to and the reps as well as exercises to keep this simple since if i stay up on this will be around 25 weeks+

    only went moderately heavy last night as i've got a light cold

    did legs last night:

    squats: 245lbs 10 reps
    straight leg deadlifts: 175lbs 8 reps
    smith machine squats with my legs out in front of me:
    175 10 reps
    leg extensions
    leg curls
    and some time on that womanly hip flexor machine

    feel great, been damn ravenous and eating like a lunatic, on thing that sucks is i feel like no matter how much i sleep i just cant seem to get enough sleep, wondering if IGF could inhibit naturual GH production and cause lighter sleep maybe?? who knows, but other than that i love this stuff!izza:

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Jstrong20 View Post
    You could save your self some pokes and do the tren eod instead of ed. I know guys that went that route and swear it worked just as well. I always did ed like you though.
    i tried tren one time and i started at EOD and my skin was all sorts of terrible acne and ****e and i was a cranky azzhole, so i switched to ED and it was much better for me, my buddy does EOD though and he had no problems so who know??

    thanks bro!

  7. so did two workouts this weekend, back/biceps and my chest/shoulder workout, and took 40mcg split into four muscle groups on sunday, took some pictures too so going to post those up soon

    forgot my weight book so dont remember what i was lifting in all my lifts, but workout was great and my lifts were about were i expect them to be

    weighed myself and i came in at 178lbs without clothes and after going to the bathroom, which is down 2lbs since 2 weeks ago?? whatever, probably just water

    two main things:

    1. have been absolutely ravenous, i dont think i've ever eaten this much!! i swear i finish lunch/dinner and i just want to eat again, straight away.... awesome for someone who has trouble eating enough to put on weight though. its even possible i put on a little BF which would be a first for me on IGF

    2. having problems getting a full nights sleep, i'm dreaming plenty but just dont feel that rested and have been waking up alot. who knows why though and i'll wait to see if it lasts before doing anything about it.

    dont expect to make any huge gains while just on the peptides for the next few weeks but we'll see and i'll post here maybe twice a week, mostly just want to heal my joints and prepare my body for the upcoming cycle, hopefully then i'll just explode with new muscle cells till i scare my girlfriend and intimidate everyone at the gym.

  8. going to the doctor at the end of this week too so i'll be sure to post up blood pressure and heart rate.

  9. nice cycle bro cant wait to see the results

  10. so did my squats/deadlifts/legs workout yesterday, fealt really good, still not going super heavy due to past injuries but pushing myself progressively harder, hoping these peptides will help my injuries a touch

    finally got the GHRP6 and took 200mcg after my workout yesterday just to see how i reacted, seriously made me feel like i went hypoglycemic, hard to say but i got really light headed and all the normal symptoms of low low blood sugar, immediately ate two bowls of sugary breakfast cereal and started to feel normal but still fealt kind of weird all day. woke up with a sore throat and what feels like a minor sinus infection, so maybe i'm just on the edge of getting sick or something. i also had not eaten anything besides a muscle milk shake within five hours of my workout. weird, i'm going to take a few days off working out and sleep/eat/relax and then try the GHRP6 again, hopefully with better results.

    interesting coincedence (or not?!) is that i get this same sinus congestion when i take three or four ZMAs before bed, if i adjust that down to two though i'm ok,

  11. I just saw this. Looks good, but 25mg's of Tren seems pretty light to me. I would at least double that, but thats me. My ferret runs it at 100mg ED. with little to no sides.

    Looks like a great cycle. I'm droolin at the IGF and GHRP6. Your gonna be a hungry mofo!

  12. thanks man, yeah i used more tren last time but the idea with this cycle is to lower the dose and run it for much longer, we'll see how i feel though, i may bump it up or start it earlier in my cycle depending on how i feel.

    as a side note, i'm officially sick as hell, dont know why, i barely drank on new years and didn't hook up with that many random women, hope it wasn't the GHRP6 that did it, i'm going to give it a week or so after i feel better to try the GHRP6 again, seems unlikely that is what caused me to get sick but the timing/coincidence is strange.

  13. Interested to watch this one progress.

    “Besides, it is a disgrace to grow old through sheer carelessness before seeing what manner of man you may become by developing your bodily strength and beauty to their highest limit.”

  14. still sort of sick and pissed about it, went and worked out anyway yesterday, workout sucked obviously, i dont think i've ever stayed sick this long like this. i really hope it wasn't from the GHRP6, kind of worried to touch that stuff again if it could make me sick for 7 days....

  15. so it turns out i have fu king pneumonia, so this log and cycle is over before it begun, doctor said it was from not sleeping and probably not helped from the fact that i didn't just rest when i started feeling sick, but kept working out here and there, so this is shut down for a few weeks,

    on the upside i just ordered some ZMK and some somnidren so going to try to get some hexa and run a peptide madness cycle in a few weeks once i'm off these anti biotics


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