hey dudes, mixed what i had at the house last night. (2) bottles of t-gel + 16oz of the homebrew recipe. mixed a little reluctantly but i thought ok. put 10gms 1,4ad in 240ml/8oz bottles #1, mixed see through clear. you can see an upper half & lower half today but little shake looks very good. however, same 240ml bottle of mix base with 15gms (i know) 1-test looking pretty "blizzardy" & clear homebrew? seperates to the top half. will shaking this do the trick? but the worst of all (of course) 15 (yes) 15gms 4ad in same mix that was allowed to rest in very hot water bath for several minutes looks pretty grainy. should (can) i add say 4 oz more homebrew & recalculate dosage? any experience greatly appreciated as usual. good evening bros.