Sustanon/Dbol cutting cycle log.

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  1. Sustanon/Dbol cutting cycle log.

    It's about damn time. I took my first shot of sustanon today and tomorrow, monday is my first official day of training for this cutting steroid cycle. I'm going to start on dbol tomorrow and I'm taking Sustanon on Sundays and Wednesdays only, 250 mgs each time or a little bit more due to the fact that it's not the best quality sustanon. Anyway, here is my general plan for the next few months.

    Week 1: Sustanon 500 mgs (Sunday/Wednesday injections only), Dbol 30 mgs, Arimidex (anastrozole) .5 mgs eod
    Week 2: Sustanon 500 mgs, Dbol 30 mgs, Arimidex .5 mgs eod
    Week 3: Sustanon 500 mgs, Dbol 20 mgs, Arimidex .5 mgs eod
    Week 4: Sustanon 500 mgs, Dbol 20 mgs, Arimidex .5 mgs eod
    Week 5: Sustanon 500 mgs,
    Week 6: Sustanon 500 mgs,
    Week 7: Sustanon 500 mgs, Arimidex .5 mgs eod
    Week 8: Sustanon 500 mgs, Arimidex .5 mgs eod
    Week 9: Sustanon 500 mgs,
    Week 10: Sustanon 500 mgs,
    Week 11: Dbol 20 mgs, Arimidex .5 mgs eod
    Week 11: Dbol 15 mgs, 5000 iu HCG (injections), Arimidex .5 mgs eod
    Week 12: Dbol 10 mgs, 5000 iu HCG (injections), Arimidex .5 mgs eod

    ****************************** **********************
    Week 13: 5000 iu HCG (injections), Torm 120 mgs (days 1-3), Torm 60 mgs (days 4-7), Clomid 100 mgs, dhea 100mgs
    Week 14: Torm 60 mgs, Clomid 100, Dhea 100 mgs
    Week 15: Nolva 40 mgs, Dhea 50 mgs
    Week 16: Nolva 20 mgs
    Week 17: Nolva 10 mgs

    -milk thistle, cissus-rx used throughout.

    Clenbuterol 2 week cycle on and off:

    Day 1: 20 mgs Tuesday
    Day 2: 20 mgs Wednesday
    Day 3: 40 mgs Thursday
    Day 4: 60 mgs Friday
    Day 5: 60 mgs Saturday
    Day 6: 80 mgs Sunday
    Day 7: 80 mgs Monday

    Day 1: 80 mgs Tuesday
    Day 2: 80 mgs Wednesday
    Day 3: 80 mgs Thursday
    Day 4: 60 mgs Friday
    Day 5: 40 mgs Saturday
    Day 6: 40 mgs Sunday
    Day 7: 20 mgs Monday

    Cutting diet general plan:

    Days 1-2: High Protein High Carbs Moderate fats (250 grams protein, 300 grams carbs, 60 grams fats) (low glycemic carbs only, protein from very lean meats, and fats from fish/flax seed oil and olive oil and/or healthy fats.

    Days 3-7: Low Carbs, Super high protein moderate fats (60-100 grams carbs, 300 grams protein, 40 grams fats)

    Workout Routine:
    -Generally my workout plan goes like this, 2 weeks high reps, 2 weeks moderate reps, 2 weeks moderate to super heavy reps. It won't really change for cutting up. The only thing that changes is that I add in cardio
    -Cardio: 6 times a week 70-80 min. per day. (i'm upping the cardio since the steroids will help me maintain more muscle and shed more fat with clen) (typically low intensity cardio, twice a week moderate to super high intensity...wind sprints)

  2. Is it normal to have a dull ache around the injection site about 6 hours after shooting? If I apply pressure it's like a bruise like pain and if there is no pressure there is just a dull ache around the injection site. I never had this when I went to the doctor for shots so it makes me wonder.

  3. Ok, now it's really really sore. Maybe I injected at a wrong angle? I tried for 90 degree angle but it was my first time so I was nervous. haha. Anyone get really sore next day after injection? I see no red marks or anything at the site, all looks clean and normal. So I'm assuming it's probably not an infection or atleast I hope. I kept everything sterile. Alcohol swab on the vial, alcohol on my injection site, new sterile needle. Hurts like a biatch though. Ugh.

  4. DAY 1: Alright! It's the first day of my cutting log. I'm on 500 mg sustanon this week and 30 mg dbol everyday. Here is my workout for today. And btw, I had 10 mg dbol earlier today couldn't tell much difference but ofcourse I just started so I expect that.

    Chest and Leg day:

    Dumbbell press: 50s x 15 (super slow wide presses), 55s x 15 (same), 60s x 9 (same) failed on 9 (30sec-1 min rest)

    Cable crossovers: 35 lbs x 15 (arms go over eachother), 25 seconds later, 40 lbs x 15, 1 min later, 30 lbs x 20

    Incline smith press: 95 lbs x 15, 115 lbs x 15 (very slow)

    Leg extensions: 70 lbs x 20 (towards the end I pauseed at top of movement and squeezed), 90 lbs x 15 (once again slow with several pauses at the top), 120 lbs x 15 (slow with pauses at top on a few reps)

    Lunges on right leg only (mostly to fix an imbalance cause my right leg is much weaker than my left): 95 lbs x 15, 115 lbs x 15, 135 lbs x 15

    Leg press right leg only: 180 lbs x 6, 180 lbs x 6, 180 lbs x 6 almost failed on 6

    Cardio: 55 min. (should've done more but i have class later!)

  5. First few injections ever always caused me a sore for a few days but they go away after a few shots. I guess it's pretty normal since your body is not use to all the oil and test there.

    Correct me someone if im wrong but what about starting your PCT a week after your last inject? Maybe I'm mistaken..

    btw drop me a line on FB... I've been going to XSport at all sorts of times I havent seen yah in aw hile there

  6. Actually it's best to start pct 3 weeks after the last sustanon injection because of the slow esters. It takes about 3 weeks for the sustanon to leave your system so it's usually pointless to do pct right after sustanon. So this is why I'm doing dbol instead so I can take something while the sustanon leaves my system. Hcg can be taken on the third week after sustanon though and then pct usually starts on 4th week.

    And yea, this is the second day so far, and my leg hurts like a *****. I'm limping a bit haha. It's not bruised up or anything so I'm not worried about infection. It just hurts like hell. I can't sleep on my left leg for now. And if I touch it, it's extremely tender. Ugh. I hope I get used to it soon because it's almost impossible to do squats with this kind of pain.

  7. DAY 2: Today I did shoulders and biceps then 60 min. cardio. I feel like ****, mostly cause of hte pain in my damn leg from the injection. And obviously the gear hasn't kicked in yet. I can't wait till it does casue I need some energy since I'm dieting down now and I feel like poop! But oh well, it'll all be worth it. Here is my workout:

    Side laterals: 12 lbs. x 20 reps, 15 lbs x 20 reps, 20 lbs x 15 reps

    *tried to do some barbell curls afterwards but my wrist problem is preventing me from doing that which has overall messed up my arm building potential...that and my very painful joints which hasn't subsided yet. Glucosamine and cissus isn't helping!

    Seated concentration curls: 12 lbs x 20, 15 lbs x 20, 20 lbs x 12 (all super super slow with a very tight squeeze at the the time I got to the 15s and 20s it felt like someone was sticking a massive needle in my arm and twisting that's intensity!)

    Cable curls: 65 lbs x 6, 75 lbs x 6, 85 lbs x 6, 95 lbs x 4 (same idea nice and slow with a squeeze at top)

    Machine shoulder press: 60 lbs x 15, 80 lbs x 15, 100 lbs x 10 barely got that 10.

    Seated side laterals with bent arms: 30 lbs x 30 reps (worst burn ever)

    Cardio on elliptical, stairs and bike for total of 60 min.

    (today I'm on 30 mgs dbol....still ain't feelin ****, but that's expected, if I don't feel something by day 6...then Ill be pissed but these are blue hearts so it should be good)

  8. DAY 3: Rest day. Extremely extremely sore on chest and biceps and shoulders. I'm still on 30 mgs dbol and 500 mgs sustanon for the whole week and I took my second shot today. Otherwise, everything else is going very well. I'm not too jittery from clen and I'm up to 50 mcgs today and my diet is spot on. Here is an example of what I'm eating/drinking today.

    1st meal: Protein shake 50 gms protein, 25 grams complex carbs

    2nd meal: 2 pieces of tilapia fish, lettuce and tomatoes, with water, 40 grams protein

    3rd meal: Mass recovery isopure drink, 35 grams protein, 53 grams carbs

    4th meal: Same as 2 with added sweet potatoe for about 40 grams protein 50 grams carbs

    5th meal: Protein shake 50 grams protein

    6th meal: Protein shake 50 grams protein

    7th meal: Protein shake 40 grams protein

  9. Eat more real food

  10. Grrr... I know I should but I'm always on the run. Either at school, or working on music at someone's house or some ****. Besides, I'm cutting up, I've always done 3-4 meals protein drinks and I seem to maintain muscle pretty well on that anyway.

  11. DAY 4: Ok work out. Obviously no strength increases yet. But here it is:

    Deadlifts: today was a special deadlift day where I worked on my left hand so i did a left hand overgrip since my left hand is way weaker than my right. So I wasnt worried so much about lifting too much weight as much as I was about gripping onto it for as long as humanly possible. So what I did was deadlift 225 x 10, then 225 x 8 as slow as possibe, infact people were looking at me strange haha but it was done on purpose while gripping as hard as I can then in between the sets, I would do forearm curls with 30 lb barbell and 50 lbs as many times as I can.

    Then, I did gripping exercise with 315 lbs and 365 lbs, just lifted it off the rack as long as I could and once again did forearm curls in between sets.

    Close grip cable pull downs: 80 lbs x 15, 100 lbs x 10, 120 lbs x 6 failed on 6 (usual super slow with squeeze)

    Pullover machine: 70 lbs x 15, 100 lbs x 15, 90 lbs x 15

    Tricep rope extension: 65 lbs x 8, 75 lbs x 8, 85 lbs x 10

    Ab crunch machine: weight irrelevent just did them till I wanted to pass out

    Back extension: 15 reps, 10 reps (all reps with squeeze on lower back)

    Cardio 60 min.

  12. DAY 5: Seems like I'm flattening out. Damnit. I hope this dbol kicks in soon! But yea today 30 min. cardio and abs. That's pretty much it. I'm on 75 mcgs of clen and I'm jittery as **** but it's working.

  13. DAY 6: Something seems to be happening today. My squat was very very nice for a very low carb day where I'm supposed to be weak. Everything felt unusually light hmmm. Anyway here are the stats for today.

    Squat: 155 lbs. x 10, 205 lbs. x 8, 245 lbs x 15 (unusually easy felt a nice surge of energy)

    Leg extensions: 50 lbs x 15, 80 lbs x 10, 120 x 8, 140 lbs x 8, 160 lbs x 8, 160 lbs x 8

    Stretching and then cardio for 30 min.

    Great workout. Haven't felt good with a workout like this for a long ass time.

  14. DAY 7: Good energy but wrist problems as usual. Here it is.

    Seated bicep curls: 12 lbers x 20, 35 lbers x 6 per arm, 40 lbers x 6 per arm, 45 lbers x 4 per arm (couldnt go on cause wrist was beginning to give me some problems)

    Standing bicep cable curls: 60 lbs x 12, 80 lbs x 10, 85 lbs x 8, 95 lbs x 6 failed on 7

    2 ab exercises supersetted

    30 min cardio.

    *no real strength increases in biceps probably cause my wrist problems are preventing me from doing anythign that'll help me lift more weight so I don't care for now. My legs are stronger which is great.

  15. looks like a pretty legit cycle, and youre spot on with the post cycle therapy timing.

    one really need to look into that HCG layout. 5000iu's a week really isnt considered safe anymore...and definitely not DURING post cycle therapy. hcg is supressive. i like your DHEA doses though.

    youd be much better off using 250iu's of HCG twice a week to sustain testicular size and function. 5000 iu's is just so unessary and suppressive.

    it only takes 125iu to bring a hypgonadal male back to baseline total testerone levels...for reference.

    250 iu's of HCG twice a week starting on your 4th week in. run that right up until PCT and youll have a much easier time at recovering.

  16. Yea that sounds like a great idea. But where would I get a kit to divide the 5000 iu amps into smaller doses. I reallly don't understand why they sell such high doses if it's not really good to use such a high dose. But yea, I heard of some kits that include empty vials to divide the doses but I have no idea where to get it and how to divide that all up. It would be nice though. But maybe I'll just take much less on last few weeks of cycle? Would that work? I mean there would be a huge waste of hcg which would suck cause I wouldn't mind using it again in the future. But yea, suggestions would be nice.

  17. Oh yea for anyone new wondering how I look overall here are my pics. ALL THESE PICS ARE ALL NATURAL. I got this big and cut in all these pics without the use of steroids. I just did a superdrol cycle a couple months ago. That was my first experience with steroids, now I'm on this. But here are the pics::: Photo Gallery - subpop200 Gallery - Powered by PhotoPost

    Haha, ignore the pics of dorian yates. I put those up in the pro bodybuilder section of but it shows up on my pic list. Dorian is the best. I train with pretty much equal intensity as he does, sometimes a ltitle crazier and stupider....which may explain my joint problems haha....

  18. DAY 8 (WEEK 2): Oh **** yes. Today was the day. Surge of insane energy and a nice ass increase. Here it is:

    Bench press: 135 lbs x 8, 155 lbs x 6, 185 lbs x 6, 205 lbs x 5 failed on 6

    Incline dumbbell press: 65 lbers x 8
    Dumbbell flyes: 35 lbers x 10
    Incline dumbbell press: 65 lbers x 4
    Dumbbell flyes: 40 lbers x 7
    Incline dumbbell press: 50 lbers x 7

    Ab leg raises: 3 sets 15

    Cardio 30 min.

    *overall great workout. 205 lbs on my 4th set of bench for 5 reps is very nice for me. So i'm happy. **** is workin.

  19. Dude watch your overall increases in lifting weight a bit, you can tear out if you jump too much at a time. Just increase like 20% max and rep the hell out of it. From your original max lifts I mean, prior to test increase in strength. Example if 155 lbs was your original 1 rep max on bench then ~185 would be a good area to stay for reps for the next couple of sessions. Just my opinion on things, other then that looks like a solid plan.

    Oh and one more thing get some healthy fats into your diet.
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  20. Well "Chicken" haha, I plan on goign heavy for one more session due to joint problems anyway, so I'll stay around the range of 6-8 reps, then I'll go back to dumbbell work around 10-15 reps since that's easier on my joints. My overall plan now is 3 weeks light, 2 weeks moderately heavy. And when I do low carb days, do you think lean beef is a good source of healthy fats? I usually buy 90% lean beef (or tilapia fish) and eat that throughout the day with protein shakes, salads, and about 75-100 grams of low glycemic carbs for my low carb days.

  21. DAY 9: rest day!

  22. By healthy fats I mean flax seed oil, ground flax seed, udos choice omega 3,6,9 oil blend, any kind of low sodium nuts. These are just my personal preferences there are more. The reason I suggest this is that test developement in your system requires a certain amount of fat in the diet. It looks like you are going pretty lean on your diet so supplimenting with good fats will make this difference better. I have even noticed a more aggressive gym workout when eating enough healthy fats.

  23. oh in that case yea, I take flax seed everyday. I was just wondering if lean beef fats is ok.

  24. Im not really sure on that, I dont think its good for you. Thats based on the American Heart Associations stamp on the leaner stuff. The leaner the better I assume.

  25. DAY 10: Absolutely insane workout. I felt like Dorian Yates today hahaha. Crazy intensity. Here it is:

    Seated overhead pulldown machine: 90 lbs per arm x 8, 100 lbs x 8, 115 lbs x 6, 125 lbs x 6

    Pullover machine: 80 lbs x 15, 100 lbs x 8, 120 lbs x 8, 150 lbs x 4 failed on 5

    Bent over rows (with nice squeeze at top of movement felt great!): 135 lbs x 8, 155 lbs x 6, 185 lbs x 7 failed on 8

    Deadlift: 225 lbs x 6, 245 lbs x 6, 275 lbs x 6

    Back extensions with 25 lbs in my hands: 3 sets 10 reps each (most painful back pump ever after this one!!)

    Seated one arm row machine: 90 lbs per arm x 6, 120 lbs per arm x 5 per arm barely got 6

    Bent over rear lateral raises: 30 lb dumbbells x 8, 35 lbers x 6

    Shoulder dumbbell press: 30s x 15, 45s x 6, 55s x 6, 65s x 11 failed on 12

    Side lateral raises: 25 lbers x 6, 30 lbers x 6

    Stretching, no cardio this time cause I was already drenched in sweat and my weight lifting session took about 55 min. so thats more than enough. Great amazing workout.


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