superdrol & ap??

  1. superdrol & ap??

    i am finishing up a pretty sick stack which consisted of 8 weeks jungle warfare, 8 weeks sizeon, 4 weeks bam, and finishing it all up with 4 weeks ap. i gained a good amount of mass and had a great all around recomp not to mention a pretty amazing increase in strength the last few weeks. i'm up around 5 lbs. i want to eventually run a cutting cycle. i've run two superdrol 3 weekers which consisted of 10 20 20 and absolutely amazing results. i have the remainder of the bottle lying around here somewhere and was wondering what kind of effects i would get if i tried a cut on sd and a bottle of ap. anyone want to throw in their two cents? i will have almost enough to run 10 10 10 (minus 1 cap) of sd. i think this would be a great muscle sparing mini cut cycle if i were to be in a caloric deficit. i think the pumps will be crazy doing cardio but i can manage. and the way things are going with ap, i don't know how i will ever get off of this stuff!!

  2. I think AP and anabolics can and do work great together, however I think that AP's best application w/ A.A.S. is in P.C.T.

  3. i think i'm going to be swearing by this stuff for a long time to come. this will be included in the cycle and post cycle. i am loving the size and strength i have and how lean i'm getting since i began it. ap + sd could be one helluva stack!

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