t-1 pro cycle/journal

  1. t-1 pro cycle/journal

    My t1-pro cycle, 6 ml/day for 40 days. Post cycle will be 6-oxo and zma. Diet is on a 50/35/15 split, consuming about 4200-4400 calories/day over 6 meals. Will get the calories up to 5000 over 7-8 meals during the cycle. I will also not be cycling off my creatine.

    Stats: 5'8" 195 lbs.
    11-12% bodyfat
    chest-43 inches
    arms(flexed)- right:16.25 inches left:16 inches
    thighs- 26 inches
    calves- 16.5 inches
    shoulder width- 54 inches

    Max: Benchpress- 295 lbs
    Squat- 405 lbs
    Deadlift- 415 lbs
    Military press- 195 lbs

    Workout: weeks 1-2: Monday-Friday- Finishing up a bench press routine.
    weeks 2-6- 6 day split of:
    Day 1- chest/tri
    Day 2- Back/bi
    Day 3- quads/glutes/hams/calves
    Day 4- Shoulders/traps
    Day 5- Bi/tri/forearms
    Day 6- Superset chest/back on wk3,5
    Superset quad/hams on wk4,6

    Will be mostly training on a heavy/light
    bodybuilding style for each of the muscle groups.
    ~17-25 sets per muscle group.

  2. First day on the t-1 pro, actually did 4 ml in the morning and 2 at night due to having no measuring applicator. Took in about 4700 calories, but one of the meals being a fat ass dinner of pizza.

    Week 2 of 3 of my bench routine: Day 1,monday:
    5 sets pyramiding up 10,8,4,6,2
    4 sets of bentover barbell rows 8-10 reps
    4 sets standing barbell curls 8-10 reps
    4 sets rear delt flyes 10-12 reps
    4 sets crunches 30 reps/set

    I applied morning applications on my chest, biceps, upper traps, delts. Night applications on my upper quads (no hair) lower hams, and calves. Slight tingling or burning sensation on the nipple area, but not much discomfort at all.

  3. Second Day of t-1 pro, weighed in at 197 this morning. Workout day at the gym:
    5 x 15 reps benchpress w/1 min rest
    4 sets squat 8-10 reps
    4 sets seated calf raise 15 reps
    4 sets crunches 35 reps
    Insane good pump on the squats, felt really strong. Muscles didn't fatigue as quickly on the 5 sets of bench with little rest.

    About 4100 calories consumed today, but only 250 grams of protein.

  4. 3rd day on the t1-pro, weighed in the morning at 198 (at this rate ill gain 40 lbs on the cycle). Another lower calorie day than i would have liked, only about 4200 calories including the muscle milk shake im gonna have later tonite. Good day at the gym. "blast your bench" workout week2 day3:

    Benchpress- 5 sets pyramiding up,10,8,6,4,2
    Bent over barbell rows- 4 sets of 8-10
    Standing ez curls- 4 sets 8-12
    Rear delt flyes- 4 sets 12
    Ab crunches- 4 sets of 35

    Felt tired at the beginning of the workout, but after I got warmed up, good pump. Amazing pumps in the biceps from only doing 4 sets. Strength up in the bench and rows slightly.

  5. Day 4 of using t1-pro, weighed in this morning at 198. About 4470 calories taken in today, about 285 grams of protein over 6 meals. Workout was another High rep, low rest bench day, with leg maint:
    benchpress: 5 x 15reps w/1 min rest
    LegPress: 5 x 10,8,6,4,4
    Standing calf raises: 4 x 15
    Ab crunches: 4 x 45

    Great day overall, dont know if it's the increases calories or the t1-pro, but im getting definate strength increases and great pumps in the gym. Muscles didnt fatigue anywere near as fast as they usualy do on the bench. By the 4th set I was still bangin out 15 reps on 205, 1 week earlier I was only hitting 185 BARELY on my 4th set. Leg pressed more than i ever have, 1080 for a solid, full 4 reps.

  6. Keep it up.

  7. day 5 t1-pro. Weight in the morning still at 198 lbs, but feel leaner. Normal 4250 calorie/280 gram protein intake day. Another pyramid bench day..
    benchpress: 5 x 10,8,6,4,2 w/ 3 miuntes rest
    t-bar rows: 4 x 12,10,8,8
    rear dumbell flyes: 4 x 15,12,12,12
    ab crunches: 4 x 40

    Bench strength up at least 10 lbs. 4 reps @ 275 and 2 reps @ 300. Both unassisted and very happy about it.

    day 6 t1-pro, morning weigh in @ 199 lbs. Calories today so far at 3000, but only had 5 meals. Gonna be going here today http://www.alfredssteakhouse.com/6.html and ordering the 60 oz. steak . So that mite bump my calories for today up to 6000 and like 500 grams protein .


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