Epi 2a3a cycle help

  1. Epi 2a3a cycle help

    I was thinking about running epi 2a3a for the first time and taking for about a 6 week cycle. I originally wanted to run d-Bol when I was bulking more but baldness runs in my family so I don't want to be that young bald guy at parties. Anyway I read that epi stacks good with halo V. I wanted to get people's thought on that if I should stack the two or run epi solo? If I did run them both then what would be a recommended dosage? I may be stupid for this but who care, what time of day should I take both if I did stack them? Would I take them at the same time of different times of the day. I do plan on running cycle assist with it and a proper pct. I read that some people used post cycle 3x as a pct? I know better and to run a proper serm and would probably do clomid because my friend has a bunch already. Which brings me to my next question should I really use a serm or just run that post cycle 3x as my pct?

    My epi would run like this 30/30/30/40/40/40
    Vitamins, fish oil etc.
    Cycle assist
    Clean diet

    I weight 260 and am about 6'5

    Would really appreciate any input about doing the stack or running the solo ph. Would also appreciate the input for a proper pct name of specific products so I actually know what to look for.

  2. Don't know what Halo V is, but just run Epi solo. Typical PCT will include a SERM (Clomid, Nolva, Torem), AI (Erase, Formestane, 6-Bromo, Aromasin, Arimidex), and some type of testosterone booster (DAA, forskolin, fadogia, some product containing one of those or a combination). Make sure you've done enough research. You sound a little shaky.

  3. Oh I'm not really shaky if taken a ph before I've taken mutant plexx it's really killer on the liver so took neccisary precautions for that. I took clomid for my pct just haven't run this epi before so I just wasn't sure cuz I've been reading mixed things about what pct to take

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