Third Cycle!!

  1. Third Cycle!!

    hey guys i want to start my third cycle main goal is to gain some good size and look lean by the end of the cycle. first cycle was test cyp at 600mg a week and eq at 600g a week for 12 weeks. Second cycle was test e at 600mg a week and tren ace 75mg a week. this is my third cycle:

    week 1-20 test propinate, 150mg eod

    week 1-16 eq at 600 mg a week

    week 4-12 tren ace, 100mg eod

    clen 3 weeks on 3 weeks off or 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off?

    anything you would change or take out to make the cycle better ??

    and what would be a good pct? i was thinkin clomid and novadex and run hcg thoughout the cycle. thanksss

    stats 5,9. 205 pounds bf 15%, workout 6 days a week.

  2. Looks good man, alot of pinning but good, I'd start tren off the bat to get results sooner and as you stop eq should be kickin in great. You probably don't need nova for pct but good to have and just run test for a week after you drop the eq becasue ester length eq will outlast your prop. With that long cycle grab some hcg if you can and if not just run chlomid a few times a week at small doses throughout cycle to keep the balls full and working. Make sure you run pct for at least a month or so with that length of cycle. Those are my suggestions and good luck kick ass

  3. thanks bro! i can get my hands on hcg how much should i run?? and what should i use as a pct?

  4. Run hcg thru cycle at 250iu 2x a week. Stop a week before pct to let natural lh do it's work

  5. kk thanks what would be a good pct ??



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