SD and Epi Cycle

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  1. Pre cycle was 203-204...

    I bet a lot of that was water weight this weekend. I mean I went from drinking like 1.5 gallons of water, to no water and red bull to stay awake.

    Through in not eating from 6pm Friday to like 1 Saturday. Or sleeping any of that time frame, And then it was a whole large pizza... Them not eating again until Sunday morning.

    I though I would have been down I can tell you I'm dehydrated, I tried to drink close to a gallon of water yesterday.

    1gallon of water is like 4.something lbs. so cut what I normally drink out and I'm lucky to have only lost 2 lbs.

  2. Still at 211, but definitely leaning out, I don't have quick the "on" feeling anymore, so my motivation in the gym has been a little lacking. I've been going just haven't been feeling it, part of PCT, and defiantly not my favorite part.

  3. Nice try not to eat to much above mantanace, it will go right to ur belly

  4. That's not been the prob my appetite has been crap.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by bmattstevens
    That's not been the prob my appetite has been crap.
    LOL.... I know force ur self to eat at mantanace. Or ull lose gains. But hr doing good though. Looks like ur keeping most. Im planing a cycle soon. I'm planning to over stock my freezer with steaks and salmon as part of pct.

  6. I wish I could afford Steaks and salmon... I get chicken and turkey, cause I have two daughters, and they take all my money.

  7. Just Finished PCT, Final Weight 206.5

    I know I didn't keep a lot of weight but i lost plenty of fat and kept plenty of muscle. I am still working out at the same weight as I was when I was "on". So i'll call that a win.

    Also on a side note I probabably am light on the weight here, since i Ran a 4mile 25 Obstacle call the Gaunlet on Saturday. I finished 55th out of 578, ran it with my wife to help her over the obstacles, it was pretty fun though, Conquer the Gauntlet ™

    Here are the before picName:  image-2192757398.jpg
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    Here is after pic.
    Name:  IMG_1165.JPG
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    Will post pre PCT meaurements and Post PCT measurements tonight.

  8. Double oops

  9. Good run bro, keep the faith and keep movin. First couple weeks pct six ball bag as u may know!!


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