SD and Epi Cycle

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  1. U see much from SD after 3rd or 4th week. Almost all gains come second and third week

  2. sd 20/30/30
    ep20/30/30/40 mild back pumps no libido damn good gains

  3. I used sd back in 2006 and had a bad experience. I used 30 mgs for 5 weeks, which was too much for me- sides were too much.

    If I ever would even consider doing it again 20 mgs for four weeks and no more-this would be the max!

    how is strength thus far? whats nutrition like? MAY50 50 % off
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  4. Strength is great I am up on everything. I usually have Aftershock post WO. It's BCAA 35 carbs 35 protein. The I eat a chicken breast and some caisson protein (25) with oats in a shake... That at like 9 then I usually eat 2 chicken breasts every 3 hours then dinner usually 1lb of turkey meat made in hamburger helper or turkey burgers (with the whole grain thin bread)

    Usually a scoop of chunky PB, or 2 around 8-9 at night if I'm still hungry I'll make another shake (cyto gainer) or some honey bunches of oats...

    I know it's not that clean but I'm bulking and I'm just want this cycle to be a good one cause I won't do another one until Jan or Feb and it will be a cut cycle... Probably whinny, but I'm not kinn on shots, do maybe Katabol. Hadn't decided yet.

    I'm hoping to hit 220-225 by Jan. ( I was 182 last Nov after Insanity super lean but no muscle) so I'm hoping to end up by next march-April to be 200-205 and 7-8BF%

  5. Oh and earlier this year.(march I did 4weeks of 30SD with no sides but I again started erase at week 2 at half dose. Seemed to eliminate sides. I went from 192 to 209 then held at 204-205.

  6. I'm totally open to suggestions though. I'm not an idiot, and don't mind taking more experienced ppl advice.

    Just in case it seemed I was giving that vibe off I wasn't trying to.

  7. No reason to drop the SD dose
    U can do 10/20/30 or 10/20/30/30.
    I think the duration of 6 weeks is a probably. If u did 6 weeks I would stay at 10.
    6 weeks at higher doses is a lot of work for ur body. And like I said b4 after 3-4 weeks ur just dragging it out. U started at 20mg. I would do 20/30/30 . As long as ur going medevil on the food u will get ur gains in.
    Going into the epi will definitely help u keep those gains and probably lean it out.
    U going to post pre and post pics?

  8. Pre pics are already up. I plan on posting after cycle and after PCT pics.

  9. Just to give some perspective of where I started this pic is from April 2011 (before Insantity). And it was just a funny pic of me and my kid never having a short on lol so don't laugh it's all I could find
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  10. This pic is of me and my wife after insanity. It's from Aug 2011 (after Insanity) and before I knew anything. I didn't start lifting weights seriously until November

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    I weighed 185 here and ended up at 182 by November.

    So to be at 212 I've come a long way. Like I said I would like to be as lean as I was, but just at like 205

  11. So after giving it some thought. I think i'll drop week 6 off and run it like this. today is Day 15, start of week 3.


    Does that look better to everyone?

  12. So EPI for only three weeks? Everyone I have talked to says 3 weeks is worthless. That's about when it starts kicking in.

  13. I have enough for 4 weeks of 30mg and could get some more.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by bmattstevens
    I have enough for 4 weeks of 30mg and could get some more.
    Word I wish I thought of a bridge after my SD cycle.

  15. Yesterday I started 20sd and 30Epi....

    Will drop to 10 Sd next week as 40epi do will look more like this

    SD 20/20/20/10/10/0/0
    Epi 0/0/30/40/40/40/50

    Weighed 212 again today. I did legs. To yesterday day, new baby kept me up and only got a few hours sleep so I just couldn't get up to train... I know I'm weak lol.

  16. SD makes u lazy too.
    Bro ur current weight is 212? That's nice

  17. yup 212, but as you can see in the pre-cycle pics i've got some flab to lose, but for me, i can't seem to put muscle on unless i eat like a horse and gain flab with it... so i guess i will just do that then cut later.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by bmattstevens
    Yesterday I started 20sd and 30Epi....

    Will drop to 10 Sd next week as 40epi do will look more like this

    SD 20/20/20/10/10/0/0
    Epi 0/0/30/40/40/40/50

    Weighed 212 again today. I did legs. To yesterday day, new baby kept me up and only got a few hours sleep so I just couldn't get up to train... I know I'm weak lol.
    That looks much better for dosing. Sux when you are dead asleep and then you here "waaaaahhhhhhhh". You try to ignore it, then your wife calls your name because she's exhausted from breast feeding so now you got no choice.. The days I work early, the wifey leaves me alone which is nice but all other days, I expect to wake up with her to help out. It's all worth it though. I love my little dude.

  19. I feel ya. We think my little girl is lactose, cause we have about figured out everytime my wife eats dairy (which is like every freaking meal) that my daughter gets gas... Not like regular gas though it is like she colic. Which we thought she was, but after she cut dairy out it seems to have gone away for the most part... But you know what I mean, they have different cries the "I'm sad" cry is way different from the "I'm hurting" cry. She did that for like 3 hours straight that night. You can't sleep or really do anything. All the remedies weren't working you just hold her and stare at each other... But your right it's all worth it when my two year old just looks at me today and goes "daddy I love you" doesn't get better than that.

    But I'm telling you, every teenager who is thinking about having sex should have to sit through a night like that one... Best damn birth control ever!

  20. SD was just banned. So good timing on ur cycle, enjoy it.

  21. 211 today. But still feeling great. Did a total upper body today. Legs tomorrow

  22. I saw some stuff on that Ban. Would be a whole lot of stuff. That is definitely going to suck if it passes, hopefully it won't.

    Don't they have enough **** to deal with besides steroids? Terrorism? World hunger? Child abuse? Oprah? Come on!

  23. Did interval training today. And ran 2 miles.

    Weighed 212

    Still feeling strong. Was a little disappointed weight didn't go up but I can tell that I'm more defined so I'll call it even.

    Ran 2 miles. Each lap I stopped and did something different. Pushups with 45lb plate on my back (20), burpies, jump squats, shoulder press with kettle bells, pull ups.

    I'm running a Race ( not the warrior dash I ran that in May, but another one like it) September 22.

    I know cardio isn't advised for on cycle but I cAnt not run. It's a 4 mile 31 obstacle race. And I can't half way do anything, so I know I'll go balls to the wall on it like I did the warrior dash, which I finished 502 out of 6500+... Not bad for a guy who hates running.

  24. Just tried to put my kakis on, my legs and ass about busted the freaking things, guess the cycle is working... If that keeps up I'll have to buy all new clothes, this could turn into an expensive cycle lol. At least I got one last good or in while we can all get SD.

  25. Beef... Its what's for dinner.
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