Yet another H-Drol cycle post . . review if you want but TY to all . .

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  1. Yet another H-Drol cycle post . . review if you want but TY to all . .

    The H-Drol Log

    Hello to all:

    I was not going to post my log but then said eh why not . . lol.

    Before anyone looks at my stats and gives me the speech I’m to light please understand that I have stayed at my weight due to competition weight restrictions. I am FAR from new to the iron game so give go easy on me when suggesting things.

    I am retiring from competitions and figured I’d try other areas that I was not able to try prior.

    So my stats are:
    Age: 42
    Height: 5’5”
    Body Weight: 160 lbs.
    Years training/competing: to many to count but hard core since 93, ok now I feel old lol
    Body Fat 14% +/-

    I have decided to do a PH cycle in August. I will be running the following as my cycle. It will consist of 2 weeks pre-load my organs, 6 weeks on H-Drol, then 4 weeks PCT (Nolvadex). My schedule will look something similar to this:

    Week 1 Pre-load with Cycle Assist (4 caps x 2)
    Week 2 Pre-load with Cycle Assist (4 caps x 2)
    Week 3 Cycle Assist (4 caps x 2), Taurine 3 g (6 g if needed), Liv52 (liver support), Fish Oil 6 g, H-Drol 50 mg
    Week 4 Cycle Assist (4 caps x 2), Taurine 3 g (6 g if needed), Liv52 (liver support), Fish Oil 6 g, H-Drol 75 mg
    Week 5 Cycle Assist (4 caps x 2), Taurine 3 g (6 g if needed), Liv52 (liver support), Fish Oil 6 g, H-Drol 75 mg
    Week 6 Cycle Assist (4 caps x 2), Taurine 3 g (6 g if needed), Liv52 (liver support), Fish Oil 6 g, H-Drol 75 mg
    Week 7 Cycle Assist (4 caps x 2), Taurine 3 g (6 g if needed), Liv52 (liver support), Fish Oil 6 g, H-Drol 75 mg
    Week 8 Cycle Assist (4 caps x 2), Taurine 3 g (6 g if needed), Liv52 (liver support), Fish Oil 6 g, H-Drol 75 mg, DAA 6 g, Erase (3 caps)

    Week 9 PCT Assist (2 caps x 2), DAA 6 g, Erase (3 caps), Taurine 3 g (6 g if needed), Liv52 (liver support), Nolvadex 20 mg
    Week 10 PCT Assist (2 caps x 2), DAA 3 g, Erase (2 caps), Taurine 3 g (6 g if needed), Liv52 (liver support), Nolvadex 20 mg
    Week 11 PCT Assist (2 caps x 2), DAA 3 g, Erase (2 caps), Taurine 3 g (6 g if needed), Liv52 (liver support), Nolvadex 10 mg
    Week 12 PCT Assist (2 caps x 2), DAA 3 g, Erase (1 caps), Taurine 3 g (6 g if needed), Liv52 (liver support), Nolvadex 10 mg

    Typical Day cap schedule will look something similar to this:

    11:00 AM Get Up
    Liv52 (1 caps), Fish Oil (2 caps), H-Drol (1 Cap), (Erase (1 cap) – during PCT)

    11:30 AM Protein shake, creatine

    12:30 PM Training

    2:00 PM Lunch – Chicken, rice, veggies
    Protein shake
    Cycle Assist (4 caps)
    Taurine (3 grams)

    5:00 PM Snack #1/shake
    H-Drol (1 cap), Fish Oil (2 caps), liv52 (1 cap), (Erase (1 cap) – during PCT)

    9:30 PM Dinner – Salmon, rice, veggies
    Cycle Assist (4 caps)

    1:00 AM Snack #2/shake
    H-Drol (1 cap), Fish Oil (2 caps), liv52 (1 cap)

    2:30 AM Bed Time
    (DAA during PCT)
    (Erase (1 cap) – during PCT)

    ***Cycle Assist will be replaced with PCT Assist during PCT
    ***Nolvadex will be taken at 11 AM and 9:30 PM when at 20 mg then just at 11 AM when at 10 mg
    ***Erase will be run for 5 weeks starting in week with the following dosing 3/3/2/2/1

    My diet will be very close to a 40/40/20 routine. Carbs 365, Protein 270, Fat 100 again give or take depending on the day and cals will be upped to 3600 +/- about 1000 more than my base diet now . . .

    Ok I’m sure I forgot to list something that someone will point out and before someone attacks me saying whatever (lol) I have done my research and am just putting the final touches on my cycle as we speak. All above supplements will be totally on hand prior to starting.

    Thank you to all who stop by . . .and now I wait for the attacks to come (lol) sorry guys but due to another site, like I said I wasn't going to post anything . . I asked a simple OPINION question on the other site and OMG torn to pieces lol . . well like I say if you want to comment please do I have big shoulders so I can take it at my age . . good luck to all whatever your goals maybe . .TY

  2. I would bump your Nolva dose for the first week or days to 40...just saying , 5 weeks at 75mg...Shutdown means no bueno!
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

  3. Hmmm? very interesting suggestion . . I'll look into that . . .I see other logs at above dosing but TY I will look into that so your saying 40/20/10/10?

  4. Yeah, IMO there's 2 ways:

    40 (first 2-3 days) 20/20/10/10

    Or to be on the safest side:

    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

  5. Cool bud. Thanks I'll go do a bit of research and report back. Funny I was going to post the dosing question to see if there were advantages to a high dose first week

  6. Should liver support be taken same time as ph?

  7. Should or shouldn't?

    as I had planned on taking it with PH

  8. Looks like a solid cycle, just started my first Hdrol cycle as well, four days in to 50mg. Only thing I would throw in there is a quality multi if you haven't already and keep an eye on your blood pressure. Hit the weights hard bro!

  9. Oops! Yup forgot to log that but yes I have the vit as well

    As for hitting it hard no worries there my years of powerlifting will do just fine. But yes very excited to start in a few weeks.

  10. Pre load question:

    I'm correct that during preload u use the full does of 8 caps/day with cycle assist or is there an advantage to picking up individual ones. If so how much?

    However, two bottles of CA fits perfectly into an 8 week run (2 preload, 6 on)

    Any feed back?

  11. OK the long wait is finally over . . . I have tweaked and tweaked my cycle and finally everything is ready so Monday I can FINALLY start my preload . . I'm so pumped up that all my lifts are up already lol . . thanks again for all who helped and tolerated a few stupid questions and misunderstandings in PM's but thanks again . . .

    @Celorza I will take your suggestion on the Nolvadex dosing and I totally miss understood the dosing schedule you spoke of but all is good now with 2 does 8 hours apart I think I needed a coffee that night lol

    and so the count down begines

  12. And finally it is time to start the cycle . . almost like Christmas lol

  13. Ok so current number are and I must point out they are still down from where I was before the Nationals but with all the set backs this year I'm happy and these numbers are stimulant free so

    BW 158
    Squat 290 3x3
    Bench 255 3x3
    Deads 340 3x3

    I'll report on and off if anyone is following.

  14. In on this! Get Em done!

  15. Yawn . . . ok so I woke up and did the do and popped my H-Drol and OMG about 15 minutes later I had gyno, acne, high BP, shrinkage but I look leaner so all is good lol!!!!!!!! . . ok so I'm being a dork lol

    Well right now I'm trying to eat my breakfast witch is something I usually don't do . . hate solid food in the morning . . normally its just a shake with all sorts of stuff blended in . . still having that but this toast thing . . .ugh!

    So just like I expected my weight today was up from my weekend binder of eating with the kids and GF so I'm at 159.6 but like I said I'll use 158 because that is what I have been sitting at normally for the last 2 weeks and I still need to make a deposit in the bathroom so I'm sure I'm still at 158 . .

    Today is chest day so all is good and I think anything will be better than this breakfast lol . . so off I go to burp this toast for the next 2 hours

  16. Ok due to new hours at work I'll be tweaking my pill popping schedule so:

    H-Drol at 11 AM & 9:00 PM

    Supports at 4:00 PM & 2:00 AM

    Today's chest was good. I'm sure it was breakfast but had a great pump going on.

    Deads tomorrow?

  17. Well today is going well . . . bit of a late start as they had to replace the thermostat on my furnace but warmed up and hit 315 for 8/8/6 so that was good and it felt good . . . remember I do a rotating rep plan each week so . . 8 then 5 then 8 then 3 . . gradual progression . . ok time for assistant work . . . still must be breakfast that I normally don't have but I have a good pump starting . . . oh yeah and after giving birth today my weight was back down to my normal weight 157.8 . . again just weekend garbage coming out . . .

  18. Morning world . . . well even if the pumps are in my mind you can't take away the extra pound that I'm up this morning away from me . . I feel amazing and its finally arm day . . Huyeah!! . report back later

  19. OK so here is the scoop for today . . . weighed myself and what do you know? . . I'm up almost a pound and a half 159.2 and were only on day 4. . and my normal weight is 157.6

    The pumps are good and its legs day and I'm half way through and so far so good. No increases to speak of but I feel good. This week is 8's so 255 - 3x8 and as I said this is way down for me but considering I'm a PL and we go all the way to the floor with our ass this is still a good squat. . . let me also point out that a while ago and one of the reasons I retired from PL'ing is I had a accident during my squats and threw out my hip real bad and pulled my back . . thus my squat is way down and mostly I think its mental as I'm scared and in our sport if your scared of the weight, your finished before you even begin . . but I shall return some day soon.

    Things I have noticed:

    1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweat like a PIG!!!!!! totally drenched!!!!! . . I think I'll start training nude lol

    2. Over all I state of happy, calm and well being and this is interesting as normally I'm like the Hulk . . "My secret is I'm always angry" lol but now not so much . . this in its self is great.

    3. I look bigger but it has to be in my head lol

    NO side as of yet . . .

    BTW if anyone is reading this I changed the above diet and schedule in general so if anyone wants an update to that let me know . . .

  20. OK stop the presses!!!!! this is NOT in my head . . . I might just have the best leg/ ham pump of my life . . something is going on in there . . . Like I said I have been around this game long enough to know about the placebo effect but I'm sorry this is a dam good pump

  21. With your weight expect it. By the end of my first week i put of 5 from hdrol, mostly h20 of course.

  22. Yeah I know. But I think it also has to do with the fact that I'm no longer tied into a particular weight class.

    So the extra freedom helps to lol

  23. BTW did u keep the average 8 - 10 pounds on your cycle after PCT if u don't mind me asking.

  24. Scale wise i only gain 3 but i was much leaner and stronger. Not as strong as on cycle but stronger than before forsure. Mirror is where it counts anyway.

  25. Yikes!!!! Either u were a none responder or this was not your first cycle. Anything less than 7 for my first cycle and I'll b disappointed.

    My diet is dead on so I just have to have the compound do the rest.

    If I don't gain at least a pound and a half a week I'll tweak my diet the following week.

    Might do that anyways as I find even at 4500 cals I'm getting hungry


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