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  1. I don't really care how I look to the desperate housewives and chest dominant figgots. I'm just pissed because I used to fkn crank out dips and now I have a limiting factor. But this will not keep me down. It will heal and I will destroy weakness.
    But there is something to be said for slower reps, less weight, and tighter contractions with super strict form. Momentum has its place for some things some times but only for forced reps when you're already cashed.
    Good stuff man

  2. Day 34
    awesome legs day. Warm up for 10 minutes on the stairs with a 70lb barbell. Squats at 225 were easy. 3 sets of 7 easy with axx to the grass. Then a couple sets at 185. Deadlifts with the trap bar today 270 for 5 sets of 7. Then 230 for a couple sets then 140 for 15 at the end. Leg press machine at 200 but super slow eccentric and then explode on the concentric for sets of 8. My legs were on fire. Then quad extensions with single leg and double leg with a good pause at the top. I did a couple hanstring exercises where this guy held my feel and I did body weight on my knees, caught in a pushup, then use as much hanstrings as possible to pull back up. Instant hamstring cramp after 3 reps. So I waited then tried again. Same cramp there. That's fkn tough. Overall, real solid workout today. 712 calories in 85 minutes.

    oh yeah, got small balls!! haha!! Don't really need em right now anyway...whatever, I have 2 daughters and a vasectomy

    Macros yesterday
    carbs 108g
    fat 142g
    protein 319g

  3. Day 35
    1 week left. I wasn't really feeling like working out today.... but I did anyway. I started off doing chest flys and incline bench. Then a bunch of cable fly variations. Then it turned into a shoulders day. I ended up doing 7 sets of 10 handstand pushups, military press, front raises, lateral raises and whatever else. Then abs. 77 minutes and (only) 585 calories. I'm going eat like a fat fokker tonight. Chicago deep dish pizza with extra sausage. Tomorrow I'm not working out either. Probably just sit around and eat more pizza.
    I am thoroughly impressed with this Havoc and dermacrine. Strength is way up, abs and veins are popping out. Totally a great experience. I'm already thinking about my next cycle, even though it won't be until probably January.
    Macros Yesterday
    Carbs 93g
    Fat 162g
    Protein 383g

  4. Save me a slice buddy I'll b right over lol

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  5. I just maxed out my belly. 1/2 a large and its only 4pm. The idea is to Max out and stop at about 6pm, fasting after until about 2 tomorrow. But I'm not sure I can fit/eat anymore today

  6. Day 36
    rest day

    I couldn't eat as much pizza as I wanted to. I was so GD FULL! Last time I ate 3/4 of the thing and this time I could only get down 1/2. I stopped eating at 6pm and fasted until noon today, so 18 hour fast. A little afternoon delight and I'm just hanging out

    macros yesterday
    Carbs 74g
    fat 181g
    protein 243g

  7. Day 37
    Legs day. It's funny for me to watch dbags do MOAR BENCH and then they have little chicken legs. HAHA Fuggitzzzzzz!!!! push all day, never pull and never legs because they "hate leg day"


    So I warmed up on the stairs for a few minutes. Then 4 sets of a2g squats @135 for warmup. Then walking lunges with 135-->155 for 5 sets. Then MOAR SQUATS up to 225, then back to 185 then 135 to cash em out. Then leg press machine, single leg @150 then reps at 410. Then just to see [email protected], the whole stackeroo.
    Beast Mode. I wish I could do legs again tomorrow!!!
    623 calories in 64 minutes
    Macros Yesterday
    Carbs 111g
    Fat 160g
    Protein 189g

  8. Day 38
    As I approach the end of this cycle, I decided to condense a few days and bump up from 50mg to 60mg. I'm ready to start drinking PWO drinks again and also get my nards back. So looks like 2 more days at 60 instead of 4 at 50.
    The rest of the log coming later. I ate over 1lb of beef yesterday and I'm trying to move it along here...haha

    So I could have taken today off... hard working out with a belly full of meat. Anyhow, I ran for a 1/2 mile then hit bench up to 250. My GD shoulder isn't that comfortable and it's limiting my bench. When my insurance switches to PPO on October 1, I'm going to get it checked out. It's been jacked up for basically 2 months now. Whatever, so I should be able to hit 275 for 3-4 reps but today I went to 250 for 2. Then 3 sets of 225x7. I hate to say it but I might use the smith machine to go heavier since there aren't really any spotters available at 5am. Do whatcha gotta do
    Then I ran another 1/2 mile and then hit the decline bench. That position hurt my shoulder the most but I got 3 sets of 250x6, 3 sets of 225x8 and 3 sets of 135x10
    Total was 608 calories in 64 minutes.
    I just hit the Havoc for my second dose of 60mg. Looking forward to tomorrow's back workout

    Macros Yesterday
    Carbs 124g
    fat 159g
    Protein 318g

  9. Already the end of the cycle? Damn.....always a sad day. Been a good run.....let us know how the 60mg go's. 45mg was working wonders for me...probably wouldn't even up it when I run it again.

    Soon as my bloods show my hormones and liver are recovered I'm jumping back on the Epistane train. lol

  10. Upping to 60 isn't necessary but I'm ready to end this mission and I don't want to have any leftover. Only 3 days @ 60, shut down is shutdown but for recovery I'm really depending on this torem!! Heard great reviews but never tried it.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by threeFs View Post
    Upping to 60 isn't necessary but I'm ready to end this mission and I don't want to have any leftover. Only 3 days @ 60, shut down is shutdown but for recovery I'm really depending on this torem!! Heard great reviews but never tried it.

    Torem's like Allstate. ..........your in good hands.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by epstaneman View Post
    Torem's like Allstate. ..........your in good hands.
    but I need my BALLZ to be in good hands


  13. So I guess the joy jelly on the back didn't help in the size department eh? ); lol

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  14. Torem will get you kickin quick. At 120 for 3 or 4 days theyll be growing faster than they did during. Puberty

  15. good to know. Good to know.
    The dermacrine probably did help but after 5 weeks I think the Havoc won. My guess is I would have been tiny Tim alot sooner without the dermacrine. But I haven't had any lethargy whatsoever so perhaps the derma helped with that? Never ran havoc before so I can't say.
    I can say that even 75mg of 11oxo puts me to sleep faster than nyquil. That's why I didn't run it with this, or ever again for that matter. But I bought another dermacrine so I will definitely use it again with all my future cycles. Oh, I guess that means I am going to run more cycles in the future. Lol

  16. Well based on your review and recommendations of dermacrine let's hope Tiny Tom doesn't visit me during my TBol/Stanodrol run this winter lol

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  17. Day 39
    since upping to 60, I have noticed that I can get cramps if I flex. Looks like it's time to up the taurine in proportion. But nothing else negative to report.
    I just about killed it today at the gym. I tied the 40 foot rope to the weight tree and pulled it back and forth for 30 minutes. I got it up to 410lbs and it was tough. My forearms were so tight that I had to shake them out when I got up to that weight. But I felt absolutely BEAST. It was like a saturday at the gym this morning-- trainers and soccer mom clients everywhere. It was funny watching them try to figure out how to walk around me and over the rope. the weird thing is that I didn't sweat that much even though I got my heart rate up to 174. Anyway, then I did some other back machines but I couldn't max out the stack after all those pulls. All good though, the muscle contractions in my back were absolutely intense. Awesome. 706 calories in 57 minutes. Solid.
    Macros Yesterday
    Carbs 54g
    Fat 107g
    Protein 302g
    eating all that beef really keeps me full for a long time. I can't believe that's all I ate yesterday, but I was stuffed! I'm going to keep eating 1/2lb of beef at lunch for awhile

  18. Will u be using taurine during your pct or do the back pump die off once u stop the PH?

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  19. I have tons of taurine... But back pumps and cramps and stuff should go away after the end of the cycle (and that's like tomorrow)

    Wow, I can't believe its ova! PCT is boring...

  20. Ok TY wasn't sure if u continued till the very end.

    And I'm looking at my PCT as a keep the mass drop some fat. In my little world it keeps me motivated lol

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  21. ahhhh 60mg of havoc is too much

    My blood pressure is whack

  22. ); and to think u can't have a beer to relax

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  23. Do you think extra Hawthorn Berry would help or hinder at this point? (Since I don't think that you have been taking it and I hear it spikes BP before it helps)

  24. Hard to say but make sure u get the extract NOT the fruit.

    I have been told that celery seed extract works faster

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  25. It helps, or is placebo. Either way it is also in cycle assist

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    Ending this cycle 2 days early. I'm good. Its been a superb run but I'm ready to feel normal
    120 torem, daa, pct assist, storm creatine all qued up for the mornin time

  26. Well it looks yummy. I'm sure it will do the job.

    And as for cutting 2 days early eh no worries. Health is everything. Glad to c u checked the ego at the door.

    Now lets get your PCT going and keep all that progress u made

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  27. Thanks, yeah no shame whatsoever in 39 days vs 42
    Plus I'm ready to drink PWO again.
    Let's see, torem tastes like chemicals. But possibly one of the worst things I've tasted was just a few minutes ago...
    Toothpaste and torem aftertaste + Cookies n cream protein (new, first time) + daa powder + blue raspberry Storm (creatine matrix) + (hot) chocolate coffee. All mixed in a glass and slammed with multis, fish oil, potassium, animal flex, cycle assist, aegis, liv 52, and pct assist. MORNIN'!!! Holy shot, I'm glad I'm only slamming this once a day
    Haha its all fun and games

  28. Wow that is a slam and a half.

    I'll b taking my SERM in the morning with my shake. Thank God I have caps and don't have to taste my Nolvadex but then later on I'll take my supports.

    But just the thought of above makes me want to sit down and heave lol

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  29. I wasn't thinking about that, until now that is. Bleh...

    Hopefully it gets easier for you :x

  30. Holy fk. I ate 4300 calories today. That has to be a PR!! .Basically didn't workout today. 200 calories on chest. My shoulder was jacked so I was on the foam roller for 45 minutes.
    I don't know if its mental because I'm pct now or what. But I sure am fueled up for tomorrow's workout. Queued up my nasty beverage for the morning and a full scoop of white flood PWO. I'm fkn fat as hell and ready for some heavy dead lifts.


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