Cut cycle.. M1t/trimax/Mdien/M5aa

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  1. Cut cycle.. M1t/trimax/Mdien/M5aa

    Started yesterday.. here is schedule

    week 1-2: M1T at 5mg ed
    week 3-8 Mdien at 10mg ed
    M5aa - 30mg preworkout 4-5x a week

    Trimax for the first 3 weeks at

    weeks 4-8 i will be on a CKD as well

    Goal: cut as much BF as possible without losing strength or muscle
    Excersize levels: MMA training 4x a week x3hours
    powerlifting style weight training once a week

    should be getting at least 7-8 hours sleep a night, eating clean, taking
    multi, glu/con, flax...

    PCT of nolva, flax, ZMA

    Starting weight of 250
    Goal 225

    Lets get it on!

  2. Sounds like an awesome cutting cycle. Might want to keep an eye on your blood pressure though. I'd be a little concerned with M1T BP increases and TriMax increased resting heart rate effects. Anybody got any ideas to help keep BP low?

  3. The lethargy might be too much with the m1t and the trimax.

  4. Ya that combo could have some killer lethargy.

  5. i got a ton of stims, should keep me rockin.

    On top of EC (which would probably be a bad idea with BP issues) i have alcar, chocomine, xtreme lean, tyrosine, yohimbine

    Will see what happens i guess, if it gets to be too bad maybe ill add some 4ad

  6. whoa, lethargy like a freight train..
    wanting to fall asleep at school, im going to add some stims tommorow and start dosing some 4ad tonight.. maybe 200mg trans should do it.. i wanted to stay away from bloating compounds this cycle but whatever

    weight went up the first couple days, but is now back down to baseline, but im feeling leaner all around.. who knows

  7. Sounds interesting...just want to follow along

  8. good luck bro

  9. This is interesting. Have you had any experience with Trimax in the past? If so, how did you react? That is a ****load of Trimax. I would be dosing 4AD from the beginning but with that low of an M1T dose it may be the Trimax causing the lethargy.

  10. Never used trimax or M1t before, i wish i had used 4ad from the beginning, but its only day 6 so its all good, started dosing 240mg ed of 4ad as of last night, and added a gram of ALCAR and Chocomine today and noticed a marked improvement in fatique level at school and when i get home, its pretty easy to fall asleep after school still which is a nono.

    So yeah just started 2mg trimax yesterday, noticing i break a sweat much easier now, not having problems sleeping though.
    Have MMA training tonight, dont feel very motivated to go, will probably need stims up the ass (not literally though)

    weight static.. dammit

    How much should i drop cals? im afraid if i drop them too much ill lose muscle, right now im about 500 under... is 5mg of M1t making me retain water?

  11. Hurt something in my upper back last night, while i was on my back my training partner went to pass my gaurd and stacked me up while i was shifting my hips. i felt something give in my back and felt some serious pain right behind the shoulder blade close to the spine..
    not sure what it is but it hurts like a bitch, hope it gets better cause i cant train like this

  12. back feeling better, bumped it to 3mg yesterday and had 2 intersting things happen

    Sweating while sleeping (gross)
    Down 4lbs on scale (in morning on empty stomach as always)

    looking good!

  13. How's your back??

  14. noticable tightness most of the time, probably why i tweaked my back the other day.
    I take a bannana before training, that helps with the pumps, but yeah it kinda sucks

    4ad has battled back the lethargy, i still feel pretty lazy most of the time still though

  15. upped the 4ad to 320mg ed, starting to feel very agressive most times, also hard to sleep.. feel jittery and wanna go do something.

    weight still static, but diet was suspect yesterday cause i had to do lots of running around

  16. Hows the bf changes?

  17. ok wtf
    according to measurments im basically losing muscle not fat, down in shoulders and arms and neck, and up in waist and abdomen.
    been on 3mg ed of trimax for 3 days now, its a ****ing bitch to try and sleep and im not even losing fat.

    think im going to up the m1t to 10mg ed, **** this 5mg bs

  18. upped it to 10mg of M1t today, Will be hitting the gym because my MMA training will be being reduced to do school schedule.

    Dropped the trimax down to 2mg yesterday and today, will taper down to 1 tommorow and keep it at that until im off

    Being on 3 was definately a weird experience, i cant even describe how it made me feel, im glad to be off that high of a dose, also sleeping was a bitch, weird totally vivid dreams but restless at the same time..

    Gonna hit my first dose of M5AA saturday for the fight... need all the agressivness i can get

  19. Wow, i hit the gym hard on monday, did deads and cleans, didnt hit my max on deads, but thats ok.. i havent done them in probably a month
    Cleans i went up reps and weight, and i havent done them in a month

    Also went and did some cardio, tuesday did some decent cardio as well, then had a full 3 hour MMA training session tonight.. was feeling like **** cause i was at school all day then went right to train

    Weight still static, but the diet is pretty clean now (was hoping the magic pill would do the work for me the first couple days) every time i come off CKD i get dirty for a few days before i settle into a good eating pattern

    Anyways, 4AD is up to 360mg ed and i upped the M1t to 10mg ED, and lowered the trimax to 1mg after being on 2 for 3 days

    at least i can sleep now..

    feeling a bit of joint pain, and a little lethargy, havent really had any lower back cramps though.

    weight the same i think, well see tommorow morn, i think the scale is not telling the true story because im kinda bloated and retaining a decent bit of water.

    **** im tired

  20. Damn, recovery is pretty fast on this ****.. felt like i wanted to die yesterday and today im almost back to normal
    diet was not the greatest today because of a fukd school schedule. they dont serve anything good (healthy) to eat at school.. i think im going to have to buy a box of protein bars
    Dropping the M1t and trimax tommorow, starting Mdien at 9mgED with grapefruitjuice
    and 40mg M5AA preworkout
    Going to start cutting calories more now as well

  21. I wanted to kill myself just THINKNG about M1T and trimax... (doesn't mean I won't probably still want to try it sooner or later) oh well...

  22. it wasent too bad, with the addition of 4AD

    Had my fight today, made some bad choices food wise (didnt eat for 12 hours straight..)
    and lost my gas, still pulled out a even 1-1 record though

    Also took the stims and M5AA early.. ****ed me over bad, the setup of this tourney was ****ED, i fought 5 HOURS after i was supposed to.. thats why i mis timed my M5aa and food intake

    anyways whatever

  23. Starting a new routine because of the new school schedule

    Sun - Rest
    Mon - MMA training
    Tue - Day 1
    Wed - Day 2
    Thur - Rest
    Fri - Rest
    Sat - MMA training

    Day 1 and 2 are as follows

    Day 1

    Warm up of 5 minutes of light biking and stretching

    Squat - push press

    Rest between reps - 8s

    set time - 70s

    1RM - 267

    % of 1RM 55 - 145

    Sets 2

    Rest between sets 75s

    Dead cleans

    Rest between reps - 8s

    set time - 70s

    1RM - 169

    % of 1RM 55 - oct 18 - 95

    Sets 2

    Rest between sets 75s

    then - stationary bike

    Warm Up: 5 mins

    Work interval: 30 seconds (max speed 135-145 rpm)

    Rest interval: 90 seconds (slow speed 80 rpm)

    Cool Down: 5 mins

    Total Time: 25 mins


    warm up of 5 minutes of light biking and stretching

    Dumbbell Upright Row x 6
    Dumbbell High Pull Snatch x 6
    Dumbbell Squat Push Press x 6
    Dumbbell Bent Over Row x 6
    Dumbbell High Pull Snatch x 6

    Dumbbell front lunge + side lunge x 10 (complete front lunge each leg 1 rep - side lunge each leg 1 rep)


    Warm up: Jog for 4 mins at a slow pace

    Work interval: starting at the goal line, sprint to the 10 yd line and walk back to the goal line and do 10 push-ups, continue by increasing sprint by 10 yds each time and walking back to the goal line. Do pushups after each return to the goal line.

    Total intervals: 10

    Cool Down: 4 min jog

  24. Im starting to feel alot better.. i think that the M1t Trimax combo was kicking my ass way more than i realized.. i feel way better.. more alert now that im decently into the Mdien
    Workouts are going good, got real intense pumps in the gym today, working on my cardio..
    Weight is starting to fall off, taking tyrosine and guggabolic xtreme to get thyroid working again
    Eating pretty clean


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