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  1. Quote Originally Posted by ReedSkin
    I have a question some newb Anabolic questions for you guys. I noticed you are using no Milk thistle, why is this? Also if you were to take 75mgs/d of Var would you be able to take A-HD?
    I have been told someone was starting this and I didn't seem it would be correct, he is my workout partner, but wouldn't the booster be pointless as to Anavar fixin to create it's own? He claims it doesn't shutdown like other steroids.

    /curiosity killed the cat
    it doesn't shut down but is also low aromatizing as well.
    A-HD is estrogen modulator.

    No good bro!
    Keep it simple. Depending on how much estro u have man!

    Judging by avatar, you have your estro in check. Keep it simple
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  2. weight was 210 today...def had a bad 2-3 days on the diet this past weekend.

  3. Thanks Runner, also Raider why no milk thistle in with all your supplements ?
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  4. What would you estimate your bf% at both before starting var and now?
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  5. I much du you feel your strenght have gone up since started?

  6. I'm looking at running Var if I can get my hands on it. Subbed!

  7. People say you need a pct. An stuff but bar is pretty mellow with almost no side affects I can think of

  8. >.<
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  9. I'll get to responding to some questions when I get some more time. Everything going very well still.

    Now 5 weeks in, weight is 207 (-5total) and diet has gone to **** the last 2 weekends. Strength still climbing every week. I think I have said it before in this thread, dosage is going to remain at 50mg, there is really no need to change it as I am very pleased with how things are going.

    Decided to switch to Clomid for PCT when that time comes. Just a personal decision. I have used Nolva in the past but am going to change it up.

    Incline Bench:


    Flat Dumbbells:




    Leg Extensions:


  10. Raiderdude...Whats going on? been reading your log and its stopped half way through...I hope nothing happened and would be real interested to find out how you got on with the rest off your cycle....and if you have kept the gains. Come on don't be shy.

  11. I'm gonna be on var soon stacked with tri methyl .I'm gonna use 60 mgs of var each far as pct,i have cel cycle assist and tudca.,looks good to op!

  12. Test is your base to any cycle buddy. I also considered Var only for my first cycle but then I decided to add test e and anadrol . So run test e for 12 weeks and use Var as a finisher starting from week 8. You will be very pleased with the gains


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