First time using a ph

  1. First time using a ph

    This is my first time using a ph and i was thinking about stacking FinaFlex andro with 1 alpha advanced muscle science. Im trying to gain some weight within a month. After i'm done i'm going to take pct revolution. Is this a good idea or should i stack with something better ? It would be helpful if you guys can help me out thanks.

  2. Not a good idea all around. How old are you? Why are you even considering multiple ph's for your first cycle? One things for sure, and that is your not ready.

  3. I am 18. Im considering it because i got one moth to get ready for season and im trying to pack on as much weight as i can and get stronger. What could some side affects be of doing this and what do you suggest for me to do? thanks.

  4. 18 is too young, do more research. there is a lot of great information to be found on this site.

  5. I would say creatine and a diet full of nutritious foods! Don't rush it man. That's asking for a whole other can of worms to be opened! Best of luck!



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