Started first cycle today

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  1. Started first cycle today

    Well i just did my first injection of my first cycle. Ground breaking moment here! Took me a few minutes to actually get up the guts to plung the pin in I know i'm a bit of a wuss but hey....all done now.

    Here's how the cycle will go:

    12 weeks:

    1-12 test cyp 250 mg twice a week
    1-4 D-bol 30 mg ED

    Of course this will be followed up with the usual PCT and nolva is always on hand just in case. Wish me luck guys. Oh and here are my stats. I just came of a bit of a layoff so everything is down a bit;

    BW = 174 lbs
    Fat % = 12 (tested two days ago)
    Height = 5'9"

    Here we go!!!

  2. Good to hear. You the drill... eat well, eat often, train hard, stay focused, rest
    Btw, we all felt timid to stick our first needle. Doesnt make you a puss..... just makes your normal.
    Keep us updated.

  3. Thanks sage. The injection site is pretty sore today but that was to be expected. I'll hopefully keep things updated fairly often so people can get an idea for how things will go. I'll post my routine and diet in and upcoming post as well.

  4. hows your Diet going to Look?

  5. Looks like a good first cycle, good luck and keep us informed brother.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by wildman536
    hows your Diet going to Look?
    well I don't really have time to lay it all down but here's the basic break down:

    3500 kcal per day

    35% protein
    20% fat
    45% carbs

    SOooo roughly 300 grams of protien a day. Admittedly a huge amount of that will come from supplements.

  7. Sounds good G...

  8. Well today marks the time for my second injection of test cyp. The quad that i shot in thursday is still pretty damned sore.....I'm guessing the BA in the gear caused that. The soreness is not that bad just a bit irritating cause i didn't think it would last this long. Beginning D-bol tomorrow.

    Talk about a bitch though....on friday I got a cold....what a way to start off!

  9. Okay....second injection yesterday in left quad, smooth as silk no problems. For those who haven't pinned yet and are nervous I'll let you guys know in advance that once you get past the first one it's easy after that. Can't say I feel much happening yet although for some reason I do feel stronger and my muscles seem to look more full. Probably all in my head.

    Began d-bol today so I"m guessing I feel that coming on in the next couple of days.

    I'm planning on doing my next injection into the ventral gluteal area as it is much easier for me to do myself than a simple shot in the glutes is. Anyone experienced with this that could offer any pointers?

  10. goodluck w/ your cycle man

  11. Good luck with you cycle.

    A few pointers:
    1. Inject with 25g needles. It may take a little longer but it is worth it.
    2. Learn to inject in glutes and delts. I find delts to be the easiest.
    3. Train smart, eat smart, and sleep whenever you get a chance.
    4. Enjoy it and keep your goals consistent during the cycle.

  12. Thanks for the pointers and the encouragement guys. I can see injecting into my left delt and right glute to be very easy (i'm right handed) but I can't imagine trying to navigate the pin with my left hand although I guess eventually I'll have to try. I chose the ventral area because I can do both sides with my right hand but I'll probably go with a glute shot and see how it goes.

    For those who may be wondering I'm doing a DC style split. Three training days per week with a upper/lower split. I do one rest-pause set per bodypart at each session and then the extreme stretching.....that **** hurts!!!! It's a routine that I know works for me while off cycle so I figure I'll stick with it and adjust it as I go as necessary.

  13. Worked chest/back/shoulders last night.....awesome workout!! The pump was unreal and almost instantaneous. HEre's the basics

    Remember all "sets" are actually only about 30seconds rest-pause apart (15 deep breaths)

    Bent over rows 165 x 12, 8, 5
    Overhead presses 115 x 11, 8, 5
    Wide grip chins Bwt. x 14, 9, 8
    Bench 195 x 8, 5, 4
    Shrugs 200 x 12 to failure

    The last rep of the last set in each exercise is held as a static in the midpoint for as long as possible just to finish the exercise. Thanks for following along!

  14. Ok, last night marked the third injection in the cycle. I injected into the left venrtogluteal area. Turned out to be a great area for injection. Totally painless and very little blood during or after injection. I honestly don't feel a whole lot working yet but my workouts are going spectacular. No water bloat or anything yet and none of the "feel good" feelings that some say accompanies Dbol use. We'll see as time goes on.

  15. It's been a pretty eventful week as far as my cycle goes. First off I had some symptoms of gyno onset and have had to start Nolva. Currently running at 40mgs daily untill symptoms have subsided for a couple of days.

    BP increased to 144/90 so I'll have to start some cardio to see if i can keep that in check and perhaps start some hawthorn herbals to reduce it a little.

    And then the finisher for the weeks excitment I struck a nerve while doing my injection....hurt like hell but I just pulled out and went for a second try. Second try was smooth as usual.

  16. for high bp make sure u keep ur sodium low and also drink lots of water..that can help..btw enjoyin ur cycle

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Gethuge
    No water bloat or anything yet and none of the "feel good" feelings that some say accompanies Dbol use. We'll see as time goes on.
    From what I remember of my 1 test/4 ad cycles, the two might cancel each other out and leave you feeling relatively normal.

  18. Hope everyone is enjoying the postings. Over the rest of the week I'll try to post more of my workouts so people can get an idea of what I'm doing. I'll also weigh in at the end of the week and let people know what progress I"m making.

  19. Sounds good bro give us an update. It looks like solid first cycle and that dbol should be kicking in around now to add some weight.

  20. The dbol is definately kicking in. My muscles look much more full and the pumps are amazing. I can definately see how that makes you feel good. I just feel....ummm....."powerful".

  21. keep the updates commin..definately enjoyin em

  22. Gyno has for the most part cleared up (nipples no longer sore or itchy).

    Upped water intake today got the gallon into me and it seems to have reduced my BP. I haven't checked it but yesterday I could actually "feel" it. Tonight I'll be working chest/back/shoulders. I'll let everyone know how it went and what i did.

  23. Okay gyno is totally gone and I'm dropping the nolva back to 10mgs per day. I still haven't done my weigh in but using the mirror as a judge I'm definately more full and larger.

    My skin is becoming increasingly oily to the point where an hour after washing my face it's visibly oily again but so far I'm keeping it under control with no acne outbreaks yet.

    As for training the pumps have been amazing! And my poundages continue to increase rapidly. My squat is now up from 210 x 20 to 225 x 28 reps in the past week alone. Still have a ways to go to get back to my pre-surgery levels but by the time the test kicks in I should be up to par again.

    Warning to all who have not done their first prepared to EAT!!!! It's very easy to take gear and do your workouts but eating and drinking enough takes alot of dedication and time. That'll be your true test, trust me on that. Till next time......

    Keep life HEAVY!

  24. I would continue using the nolva for the remainder of the cycle. Or you could switch to using letro or arimidex

  25. I agree with Size personally I would switch the Adex but any of them would do. Sounds like the cycle is going well keep up the good work and eat, eat, eat, clean food that is


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