6 week cycle began yesterday

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  2. My elbow already feels better. I spent some time stretching my triceps and shoulders and it helps immensely to relive any pain. I don't think it is as bad as 2 weeks ago. I'll take tomorrow off and do Back/Bicep on Thursday or Friday.

    EDIT: forgot to add:

    8/31/2004 evening weight: 202.5

  3. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    Awesome job Null....cant wait to break the 300 mark as well...although I have a ways to go. Keep up the good work and let us know how the cycle goes. Also, have you noticed any sides yet?

  4. Close Stance Squats: 3 sets, final set 6x555
    Close Stance Hack Squats: 3 sets, final set 6x485
    Strong Squat. Esp at 200lbs of BW. How tall are you? You look about 5'7-5'9.

  5. Close, I'm 5' 6.5"

    I'm hoping to break the 300% bodyweight squat mark. Post cycle I probably will, since I'll lose a whole crapload of waterweight.

    ANother thing to keep in mind is that this isn't freeweight squats. I'm using a squat station that works via plate loaded lever arm:

    This is probably easier to do than freeweight squats because some of the stabilizers are taken out of the picture. I don't own a power cage though so I can't do free weight squats.

  6. 9/2/2004 morning weight: 201

    My shins are burning! My god they are on fire! Just walking to the cafeteria and back here at work put my shins in agony. OMFG it hurts like a bizatch. It feels like someone pumped 10 gallons of blood into my shins and they are about to explode. Walking in general has been very awkward for the past couple weeks. My lower back, butt, shins, and calves all have a constant pump and when I walk I feel like my butt is sticking out and my steps are really stiff legged.

    Just rolled my socks down and noticed some huge freaky veins sticking out of my shins. I have a slight feeling my red blood cell count is pretty high. I could be wrong; but that's just a guess
  7. tattoopierced1
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    just watch for any signs of turning green...sounds like you are turning into the incredible hulk!!

  8. scary:

    Tonight my nipples are feeling hard and are starting to seem a little puffy. I did not chug my bottle of Nolva though I was tempted. I was on 20mg Nolvadex ED, have upped dosage to 60mg ED (CNW tamox, so 60mg is contains 40mg of tamox). Just ordered some Letro from Lion to be overnighted to me. I was stupid for not having it onhand. I figured with the low conversion of M1,4ADDiol that the resulting amount of Dianabol wouldn't be enough to risk gyno (though I have plenty of Nolva onhand for that). In any case, I'll continue with the Nolva, and when the Letro arrives I'll do 1.25mg ED until the end of the cycle (2 weeks from Sunday).

  9. Got the Letro. Took 5 squirts. I'll take 5 squirts a day for the rest of the cycle to ensure no funny business occurs. Hope my lipid profile doesn't suffer too much.
  10. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    how do you take your nolva? I just started taking mine yesterday as my cycle ended and man does it taste nasty. the after taste is what kills me. I have the same CNW tamox. as well but it must be the most god awful stuff I've ever tasted...

  11. I just drop it right in. It's not all that bad once you get used to it. The Clomid tastes worse. Just be sure to shake it up really well.

  12. How's the nips?

  13. Fine now. They were only puffy for a day. Still continuing the Letro till the end of the cycle though.

  14. Update:

    Stopped 1-Test and M1,4ADDiol as planned. Still taking 1,4andro also as planned. However I'm not taking Nolva. The reason is that there is no purpose to taking Nolva when I am already taking Letro. Nolva binds to the estrogen receptors, but if there is no estrogen anyway, then there is no purpose to blocking the receptor sites.

    After several days on Letro, I've already noticeably lost water weight. I'm starting to look more cut again. Certainly not like I was when I started, but definitely more cut now than I was this past Saturday when I first took the Letro. Haven't weighed myself in a while, I will today when I get home from work. Today will be chest day again. Would have done legs on Tuesday but my roomate went bowling so I had no spot. I'll see if I can repeat last week's feat of 315 pounds on the flat bench. I hope my elbow doesn't give me problems.

  15. 9/09/2004 morning weight: 204

  16. 9/9/2004 light circuit.

    4 sets flat dumbell bench. Final set 12x120s
    4 sets wide grip Lat Pulldown. Final set 10x205
    4 sets Leg extension. Final set 12x250
    4 sets machine flyes. Final set 12x120

    I've gained crazy strength in my legs and chest/tris clearly.

    My elbow has recovered really well; it didn't hurt at all during bench. It started to hurt a tiny bit on the final set of pulldowns though.

    In the future I think I'll include hammer curls, reverse curls, and wrist curls into my workout.

  17. 9/13/2004 morning weight 202.5

    After taking Metamucil 3 times a day and drinking plenty of water, I finally got over my constipation yesterday. I took the first painless crap in weeks. I'm almost positive that my slight drop in weight is from lack of crap sitting in my intestines.

  18. 9/13/2004 Chest day:

    Barbell flat bench, Rev's ultimate max increasing 5 set plan:

    2 warm-up sets of 15 then...


    boom! 335 is my new max baby!

    Then I did a couple light sets of incline bench to finish it off. Just 3 sets of 225 for 12

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Nullifidian
    9/13/2004 morning weight 202.5

    After taking Metamucil 3 times a day and drinking plenty of water, I finally got over my constipation yesterday. I took the first painless crap in weeks. I'm almost positive that my slight drop in weight is from lack of crap sitting in my intestines.
    After reading your earlier post about this, this is a good sign =D That was one hilarious post btw. A couple of suggestions. If you haven't already, try docusate sodium (generic colace). Take some every night. Also, metamucil may not give enough fiber/dose to be effective. Try pure psyllium, bulk oat fiber, or fiber one/all bran. Problems should cease at that point. If it gets really bad again, keep milk of magnesium onhand.

  20. 9/14/2004 forgot to weigh myself this morning again.

    Whoa, from one direction to another. This morning I took what some refer to as a "power dump". That's where you sit down on the toilet and your ass does an impersonation of a grenade launcher.

  21. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    glad to hear things going better...

  22. 9/14/2004 leg day

    Went to Gold's Gym for a "trial day"

    4 sets Hack squats. Final set 12x365
    4 sets leg extension (Cybex) final set 12x(11, whatever that weight means)
    4 sets leg curl. Final set 12x160
    4 sets leg press (45 degree free weight sled) final set 15x675

    exercises in that order. I wanted to burn out my legs before doing leg press because otherwise I'd have to load up so much weight that it would crush my spinal column while I pressed it.

    Let me just say that I am LOVING this new gym. It's so awsome to be able to go in and pick any exercise at all and be able to do it. You name it, it can be done there 7 different ways.

  23. Had my first morning workout .... ever. 6:15AM I rolled into Gold's.

    9/16/2004 Back/Bicep

    Barbell Bent over Row (underhand grip) 4 sets, final set 10x205
    Wide Grip Lat Pulldown 4 sets, final set 10x180
    Double D Grip cable Chindowns 4 sets, final set 10x(12; it was on the Cybex which don't have weight listed)
    Reverse EZ-bar curls 4 sets, final set 10x45

    My forearms in on fire and my hands are shaking like a smack addict on withdrawal. I wish I had bigger hands so my grip wouldn't give out so easily. I'd be able to do more weight on back day if it weren't for my lame weakass grip. So on Sunday I'm going to do a day just for forearms. Sunday will be forearm day from now unless I plan on doing deadlifts the following week.

  24. are you keeping your strength? size? are you still on the 1,4 andro?

  25. still on 1,4andro. Will stay on until Sunday.

    Folks at work are noticing the significant increase in size. One guy said "Dude you got huge all of a sudden. Like swole."

    Yeah, this cycle definitely worked.

    I've continued to go up in strength since going off the M14 and 1-Test. Not as rapid an increase in strength anymore but an increase nonetheless. I'm structuring my workouts now at around the 10-12 rep range.

    I'll continue this thread all the way through PCT so we can see how my strength and size change after the cycle is over.


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