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  1. berraco47's Mdrol log

    Alright boys and girls,

    The time is here to finally dive into some deep waters and take the plunge with Mdrol..... a little about me 5"7" 203lbs about 14% bf. Been on a long bulk since August. I'd like to keep getting bigger and stronger until I feel I will have a good amount of muscle mass once I decide to cut.

    I previously ran a cycle of Pmag around March. I gained 10lbs and kept most if not all of my gains while using an OTC PCT. Strength has been up and down though. This time around I will be using Torem for PCT and other select goods. More on that later... anyways for now I feel like doing Mdrol because this will be my last cycle for the rest of the year and it might be awhile before I get to use anything again. I'm actually starting grad school in August so I don't know what my schedule will be like and if the PH's might interfere. So here is the cycle.

    Right now I'm on my preload week, I will be taking Hawthorn berries, Cycle assist, taurine, Fish oil, RyR, and a multi during cycle.

    Plan on running it 20/20/20

    PCT will be:
    Torem 3-5 days at 120
    7-10 at 90
    7 at 60
    7 at 30

    and something like this per one of Dr D's posts:

    wk1: Torm, ATD 25mg/d, DHEA 200mg/d, LX 75mg/d, FEN 3 caps
    wk2: " ", ATD 25mg/d, DHEA 200mg/d, LX 50mg/d, FEN 4 caps
    wk3: " ", ATD 25mg/d, DHEA 200mg/d, LX 25mg/d, FEN 5 caps
    wk4: " ", ATD 50mg/d, DHEA 100mg/d, FEN 6 caps
    wk5: ATD 50mg/d, DHEA 100mg/d
    wk6: ATD 50mg/d, DHEA 100mg/d

  2. C'mon guys I know that this is like the millionth mdrol log, but not one post yet? Not even to say good luck? lol

  3. I here for this one

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  4. subbed.

  5. why not 10/20/20/20
    if blow was characterized as a guy, consider me a homosexual :)

  6. ^^^^^Yeah I feel you but I don't want to run it longer than 3 weeks just because of the risk of sides.
  7. Day 1 Week 1

    Alright started off today with 20mg of Mdrol taking 10mg in the am and 10 later on about an hour before my workout. Felt good except that I felt a slight headache in the morning, but I know that I'll have to take care of my blood press while on cycle. I'm doing that by taking extra HB and other supporting supps. Todays workout was chest. I have to use the smith machine because that's all they have at my apt complex but I like to use it anyway to prevent injury.

    Flat Bench
    255x6 WTF????? I was going for eight here but I guess I burned out quick. LOL
    255x4 then 255x4 then 235x4

    Cable Crossovers

    Incline Bench

    Decline Bench

    Incline dumbell flys

    Today's workout was good nothing special since it's only day one. but I fizzed out early with the flat bench press. Next week should be better. Had a pretty good pump going on throughout the workout. Tomorrow is Shoulders, and arms.

  8. Give it hell brother.. Ive ran the mdrol in the past.. Lethargy and back pumps were strong, however that can all be combatted if you have the right ancillaries... Gains were incredible also..

    Come to think of it.. I have never ran any steroid that did not work for me except for some bunk test over the years!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Arnold Schwarzenegger
    The mind always fails first, not the body. The secret is to make your mind work for you, not against you..
    Arnold Schwarzenegger

  9. The headaches happen to me on M-Drol also, but dont worry too much about it, they just go away if you dont think about it. It sounds crazy but me and M-drol had a real rough start (see my log) it was all in my head, since then I have pulsed it and done another cycle of it, I love the ****. You'll get this seriously hard feeling in your muscles at the gym, and they might feel like they are gonna rip the skin off of you, its great. It pumps you to all hell in the gym. Enjoy that **** while your on it. Mid summer a perfect time to do it.
    I get insomnia on it tho which hurts in the gym. And I have wacky dreams, serious nipple sensitivity too, like burning, I actually look forward to it now..... maybe this is prolactin based problem? I have yet to see any leakin though,

  10. ^^^^^^ Thanks for the input guys! I got shoulders and arms today so I'll update later tonight with my lifts. I've actually been feeling pretty euphoric these last two days except for the mild headaches.

    @Nothingman-How did you recover from the nipple sensitivity after Mdrol? Did you ever have any gyno off of it?
  11. Cool Day 2 Week 1

    Alright today was shoulders and arms and I did it as a three exercise superset because I didn't want to be in the gym for ever today. Everything was pretty good today except that I did notice that I was a little aggravated, but then again I'm always a little aggravated lol

    Since I'm aware that this may be one of the sides I'm staying aware of it and keeping myself in check. It was funny though because today I saw a guy in the gym at my apartment. He had 295 up on the incline bench, and I thought to myself "damn who's hitting that up?" Dude was not big at all so then I was pretty interested and of course his ROM was ****.... LOL I mean I don't touch my chest when I bench but I at least go parallel with the elbows. This dude was barely moving his elbows. Hahahaha flat chest and all. Jeez /rant


    Triceps pushdowns V handle

    Preacher curls
    85x6 drop set 75x4

    Shoulder db lateral flys
    30x10 (4 sets)

    Shoulder Press (in front)
    155x10 (Felt good on this so I'm moving up to three sets of 155 next week just gotta watch the form)

    Triceps Pushdowns (straight handle bar)

    Hammer curls db

    Rear delt
    90x15 (to much lat usage)

    Overhead cable extensions
    70x10 (4 sets)

    Inward Hammer curl (don't know the name)
    35x10 (3 sets)

    DB upright rows
    50x8 (3 sets)

    DB concentration curls
    25x8 (three sets)

    More pushdowns (4 sets)

    Okay boys and girls that's all for now. Lot of volume but really it was just like 4 exercises per muscle group and around 4 sets per exercise. I gotta work on my arms because I feel they are one of my greatest weaknesses, my shoulders are good though but bi's and tri's need work. Hell everything needs work except my traps. For some reason they are pretty freaking big srs maybe I'll post up some pics if I figure out how to get them off my iphone and onto the cpu. Gotta go for now cuz wifey is giving me ****. Laters.

  12. what's up bro! workout looks good!
    i was wondering what your split looks like, but i guess i'll wait for you to post it...
    i'll be following!

  13. Quote Originally Posted by bear9 View Post
    what's up bro! workout looks good!
    i was wondering what your split looks like, but i guess i'll wait for you to post it...
    i'll be following!
    What's up puto! It's about time you show up! LOL jk. Sup man I'm kinda keeping things loose you know letting my body talk to me no real strict schedule, but on cycle I want to try and hit everything once a week and do around 4 sets per exercise. Chest and bi's usually, legs, back, shoulders and tris. 4 workouts per week.
  14. Day 3 Week 1

    Cardio and abs today. Did 25 mins moderate cardio on the elliptical today and then some ab work. Tomorrow is legs......should be good!
  15. Day 4 Week 1


    Okay I was pretty excited today about legs and the fact that it's been 4 days since I started Mdrol. I think that the compound is finally starting to kick in because I started to feel a slight pump in my arms and chest throughout the day. The workout went well and I definately felt a strengh increase. Heres the workout

    Warmup-Leg extensions 2 sets and then leg press 3 sets

    Leg press machine (it doesn't go very high so I do a one legged version just to prepare for squats)
    110x10 3 sets

    285x6 (I could've done 2 more but without a spotter I didn't want to risk it)

    Leg extensions
    130x10 (huge pump in the quads by this point)

    Leg curls

    Romanian deadlifts
    155x10 (3 sets)

    Single leg curls
    30x10 (3sets)

    Close stance leg press (for outer sweep)

    Day off tomorrow and then Back workout to finish up the week. Should be an interesting next few days...
  16. Day 5 Week 1

    Yesterday was Day 5 and it was an off day for me. Some of the things that I've noticed so far on Mdrol are definetly an increase in recovery time. I just worked out legs on Day 4 and the next day I was barely sore. My knees are sore but my quads and hams don't feel extremely sore like they usually do. Also after my chest workouts I'm usually sore for around 5 days, but on day 4 (Thursday) I was no longer sore on my chest.

    Other notes: Feeling slight sensitivity on my left nipple but nothing too drastic. Joints are feeling a little dry too but I hope the fish oil and Glucosamine/Chondr will help with that. I'm considering bumping up the Fish oil though.

    I've also been thinking that with increased recovery time it might be beneficial to train certain bodyparts twice a week, like chest which is my greatest concern. Problem is that this will probably not allow enough time for my joints to recover and I don't want to hurt them because joint injuries are something that can be a real pain in the ass for me.

    Alright will update later with a back workout. This should be fun...

  17. your legs should be your biggest concern. not trying to be a doucher or anything but usually a well-rounded athletes squat should be atleast 100lbs above their bench.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by ReyMan View Post
    your legs should be your biggest concern. not trying to be a doucher or anything but usually a well-rounded athletes squat should be atleast 100lbs above their bench.
    When you say "usually" do you just mean in your opinion? I don't think there is a set rule on bench vs squat strength.... Anyways I'm happy with the development in my legs. Legs come naturally to me, but it's the upper body especially chest that I struggle with. It has taken me a long time to get to benching more than 225lbs for 10+ reps so excuse me if I say this is "MY" greatest concern. Feel free to address your own weak points on your OWN BODY. Anyway who lied to you and told you strength has anything to do with size? It's all about form.
  19. Day 6 Week 1

    Back and traps

    Sorry but I'm writing this today for yesterdays workout. I had to do my workout a little earlier than I'm used to because my family and I had plans in the afternoon so I got up ate breakfast and worked out about 2 hours later. I like to workout in the evening or late afternoon because I feel stronger when I've had some meals in me. Anyway it was a pretty good workout except that I was a little weak.

    Barbell Row
    225x10 (3 sets)

    Wide Grip front pulldown

    One arm smith machine rows ( I saw these done in a Brandon Curry video, and with my current gym setup they fit in well)
    115x10 (4sets)

    Cable rows

    295x10 (3 sets)

    Alright that's it for my lifts. Taking another rest day and then starting it over again with Chest on Monday. Hopefully I'll be feeling the full effects of Mdrol by then. I have noticed some strenght increases but nothing extraordinary. I thought yesterday would be different but I attribute the strength deficit to me having to work out early. I'll be doing some cardio and forearms/calves later today as well.
  20. Day 7 Week 1

    Did cardio and calves today as well as forearm work, but the big news is that I'm up 7lbs!!!

    Starting weight: 204lbs

    Today: 211lbs

    7lbs in a week. We'll see if that translates into good results in the gym, but I did notice myself thicker in the chest area today.
  21. Cool Happy Independence Day! Day 1 Week 2

    Chest- Had a great workout today felt pumped up throughout the workout. Nothing spectacular but I was feeling good and my chest looked really full and pumped. I don't remember my chest ever looking like that after a workout even though I didn't feel the huge pump people say they get from Mdrol. I did feel a bit stronger today in the gym. Even though I was not feeling really strong at first when I got under the weight it was as if my mind was really into the contraction and I was able to push through really well, but once I bottomed out I was done! Here is the workout.

    Flat bench

    Incline bench

    Cable flys
    50x12 (3 sets)

    Decline bench

    Incline flys

    That's it for today. Hope everybody enjoyed their 4th of July!

  22. Mdrol should push more water into the muscles via muscle glycogen uptake. I'm glad you are liking it. Thinking of running my first Mdrol cycle soon . Hows the sides?

  23. Looks pretty solid so far bro, I would suggest extending to 4 or 5 weeks personally... I like running 5 weeks @ 20mg or the last week or 2 at 30mg which is pretty crazy to some but I have zero side effects from superdrol.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by mattrag View Post
    Mdrol should push more water into the muscles via muscle glycogen uptake. I'm glad you are liking it. Thinking of running my first Mdrol cycle soon . Hows the sides?
    So far haven't had much sides except increased blood pressure. Libido has actually been a little elevated at times, but it's still pretty early. I'm anticipating shut down by next week but hopefully not.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by AwfullyAmazin View Post
    Looks pretty solid so far bro, I would suggest extending to 4 or 5 weeks personally... I like running 5 weeks @ 20mg or the last week or 2 at 30mg which is pretty crazy to some but I have zero side effects from superdrol.
    Well that's cool man that you don't have any visible sides off of it but I'm not going to be playing around with my first cycle of Mdrol. I've herad to many bad stories so I'll try and keep it as safe as possible hehehe. Thanks for the advice and for tagging along.


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