PLS help on potential cycle.

  1. PLS help on potential cycle.

    I was thinking of running sust and test-c or e
    How many weeks should I run each ?
    could they be ran together ?
    I have clomid and nolvadex already would I have
    to take something for anti-est while on the cycle ?
    and how should I do pct ?
    This won't be my first cycle I have ran sust and deca
    but the stuff I got was underdosed and saw almost no results.
    I think and I hope this sust and test I can get is good.
    Thanks for all the help.

  2. please copy and paste the link in my signature to ur URL. read the entire thread.

  3. have you done any at all research =/...

  4. I think anyone who spells out "please" as PLS doesn't deserve any help...

  5. How old are you?

  6. Probably 15....

  7. research, research then more research...plan/lay out your cycle then ask questions and people are willing to assist you better...just my .02

  8. Try a good bulking diet first. Add about 20lbs then think about aas... In the mean time do some research and learn.


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