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    Gain as much clean weight and strength as possible
    Monday: Legs
    Tuesday: chest/tri's
    Thursday: Back/bi's
    Friday: Shoulders/Traps
    tons of protein
    Haven't maxed out in a while
    Alright guys some of you may have seen a link that I started about 2 weeks ago about an upcoming cycle that I was gonna run. Well I started it on Monday and it has been incredible to say the least. Here is what my cycle looks like:

    Week 1-12 330 mgs ed test base transdermal
    Week 1-4 35mgs ed of M1,4ADD ed
    Week 8-12 35mgs ed of M5-AA

    Post cycle will be nolva and clomid for sure, and HCG if I can get my hands on it somehow.

    I was so anxious to start the test base dermal to see what would happen I just could not wait any longer so I started it last Thursday. From Thursday to this week Monday I went from 196.4 to 202.8. I don't know wtf but that was insane. I know it is probably water weight but still I couldn't believe it. I also started seeing good strength gains as well. Monday was my first dose of M1,4ADD and so far I haven't noticed much. My strength continues to climb but I am not sure if the M1,4ADD has kicked in yet, it's probably the test. From Monday to wednesday I gained another 2lbs. So since last Thursday I have put on about 8lbs which blows my mind. I have been eating more and drinking an extra protein shake a day but I don't think it's enough to put on 8lbs in 6 days. Anyways I think this is going to be very interesting log so it is one you might wanna keep your eyes on!

  2. Is there any particular reason why the M5AA dose is 35mg? Seems a little high to me. I considered myself starting at 20mg to be rather hasty but had great gains. The rest looks good though. Good luck and keep the log updated.

  3. Nope, I wasen't sure what I should go with and that number is not set in stone. I think I might drop it down to 20mgs and see what happens from there.

  4. 20mgs should be good, but if it's not, you could always bump it up later. With 4 weeks of it, you'll figure out what is best for you.

  5. When I went to the gym on Friday and weighed myself I found that I am up another 2 lbs which makes that a 10lb gain in a week. My strength has been going up gradually but not what I thought it would be with M1,4add. I have been taking 35mgs a day and it is the 6th day now and I haven't felt much from it. I think I am going to bump it up to 40mgs a day and see what happens. Hopefully it kicks in soon, when I did a cycle of M-1-T it took about 10 days until I really noticed the strength increase so I should feel something soon. I'll keep you updated.

  6. Went to the gym this morning and weighed in at 206.5. I was suprised because I've been doing a lot of cardio and thought I actually lost weight. It seems that I am starting to tighten up and I just feel jacked as hell. All of my lifts are going through the roof and I have never felt so good in my life. I think everything has finally kicked in and is running in full force. I just can't wait to get back in the gym tomorrow!!!!

  7. Went to the gym last night and weighed in at 208. Strength is really increasing and I never want to leave the gym. It hasen't even been two weeks and this is by far the best stack I have ever used, I would definately recommend this to others. The best part about it is that it's so damn early in the cycle yet. Can't wait to see how this ends and hopefully I can hold on to most of my gains, that is my main concern.

  8. sounds like a good cycle... i might try something similar.
    However i am concerned with running a 12week cycle without access to HCG. would nolva alone be sufficient for PCT?

  9. I'm going to run Nolva and clomid for about 5 weeks.

  10. anyone else have any other opinions on whether nolva is sufficient after 12 week shutdown?
    I am gonna do the same cycle except use m-1-t rather than m1,4ad. Any reason why you chose m1,4ad over m-1t, just out of curiosity.
    Keep up the good luck I will be following closing and starting my own cycle towards the end of march.

  11. The sides are far less on M1,4ADD than M1T, that is why. My strength gains were better on it as well.

    I will never use M1T again.

  12. yes yes, i am aware some people cant take the sides... just wondering if that is juiceman's reason for not taking m-1-t. Also, why didnt you go the injectible route for 4-ad? Seems like applying a transdermal 2x a day for 12 weeks would be fairly tedious.
    Did you ever consider throwing 1-test cyp into the mix for the 4 weeks between the two methyls?

  13. my apologies, it appears I missread your first post. You are taking test base transdermal and not 4ad. Please disregard my previous question about 4-ad cyp.

  14. about applying the transdermal 2x a day................It is not that bad at all. It takes about 5 min to apply and about 2 min to dry if that. It's not like your applying a lot on yourself, it's only 2ml's and that ain't ****! The reason that I did not run m-1-t is simply that I just wanted to see how I reacted to m1,4add. So far it's alright but the gains haven't came nearly as fast as what I saw with m-1-t.

  15. sounds good man. good luck with your cycle i will be following closely.

  16. im almost exactly the same size as you . 6'0.5", 208lbs, 12% bf. same age too. you gonna post any pics?

  17. Quote Originally Posted by canadian champ
    im almost exactly the same size as you . 6'0.5", 208lbs, 12% bf. same age too. you gonna post any pics?
    Bizarre, I am exactly the same size and age as well....for now
    Bout to start my next cycle though so I'll be much larger soon! J/K

    ~Juiceman Hope your cycle goes well

  18. Thanks guys, and yes once I get a digital camera I will get some pics up for you guys!

  19. Yesterday I was in the gym for the first time since last wed. I thought for sure that my lifts would be down as well as my weight because last wed. I went out with my bros and got completely trashed. I really didn't want to do this and I have not been drinking at all lately but all my friends have really been on my ass for not going out to the bars with them anymore. So I gave in and said **** it I'll go out for one night. Well I ended up drinking till about 4:00 Thursday morning and woke up later that day feeling like complete ****. I didn't eat much at all the whole day and I didn't eat much on friday either. That was ****in stupid of me to do but it's too late now. Anyways I just layed around the whole weekend not doing much of anything, just trying to get some fluids back in my body. I went to the gym yesterday and weighed in at 210 which I was really suprised cause I haven't been eating, and I had a kick ass workout as well. I couldn't believe it, I thought it was going to be a terrible day but the weights continue to climb. I am going in tonight to do chest and tri's, I'll report back tomorrow.

  20. Weight is up to 212 and my strength is really going up. It is going to really suck when I come of this cycle but that's not for a long time

  21. out of curiousity:
    what kind of strength increases have you seen (in terms of numbers)

  22. I would have to go back and look in my log book but just off the top of my head my squat has went up about 50lbs, and my flat bench went from 275 for 3 to 275 for 10. My incline bench went from 225 for 5 to 235 for 10. If you want more numbers I can look in my log book and post them.

  23. nah no need, very impressive.

  24. This morning I was at the gym and did chest and tris. My flat bench is at 290 for 8 and incline was at 245 for 8. I was very pleased when my workout was complete.

  25. how many grams of test base did you put in the tgel?
    is it grainy? i tried to get all of mine to disolve and its just grainy. i'm sure some did, but its still hard as hell to get the test base to disolve. just wondering how yours went or how you went about it?


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