First cycle of M1T...a few questions though.

  1. First cycle of M1T...a few questions though.

    I plan on starting M1T (bought from Kilosports) next week...I have not been feeling too well the last few days and I want to wait until I feel 100% healthy in order to maximize any gains. I plan on taking kilos M1T 10 mg the first 3 to 4 days and see how my body reacts to it. I broke out on my shoulders while I was taking 1ad during both cycles but that was all. So if the sides are not that bad after 4 days, I will bump it up to 20 mg but will not be taking more than that since from what I have read, that is the dosage that seems to be working for alot of people. wHen I am am just taking 10mg, I will be taking the pill 2 hours before I work out...I work out in the afternoons after work. If I start taking 20mg, I will take 10 in the morning around 9 o'clock and then 10mg 2 hours before I work out.

    I plan on taking milk thistle and potassium. Do I need to take milk thistle or should I take the hawthorne berry stuff? New to all of this stuff so I thought I would get your help. I did two cycles of 1AD but I did not take anything along with it to counter any effects to my blood pressure or liver. I also will continue taking Phosphagen HP creatine each day, O Nutrition protein, and a NOW (I think that is the name) multi vitamin. I am trying to put on some more mass...I weigh 194 right now and would like to gain 10 to 12 pounds by the end of march. Then I would start a cutting phase. I am trying to eat alot but I just do not get it done as much as I should. I am really going to focus on trying to eat enough calories to get me there. My body though seems to realy respond to 1AD...I have never weighed more than 185 and after taking those cycles, I gained a good 10 pounds over about a two to three month period. I am hoping that my body responds just as well to the M1T. I know the importance though of eating correctly and eating enough and I am working on that part of it.
    Any suggestions on what I should take with it other than what I have stated? Should I take Milk Thistle or HAwthorne Berry? And do I need to take the NAC stuff for my liver? I can wait on starting the cycle if I need to order the hawthorne berry and take it instead of the milk thistle or if I need to order anything else to stack with the M1T. Would rather not have to order anything else and wait for it to get here but I am not going to play around with this stuff and will wait on whatever I need to get so that I am careful with my body.

    I am going to do a 2 week cycle on, 2 week off, then 2 week on if everything goes well of course. Any suggestions of what I should take during that 2 week off time? Would it be good to take glutamine during the cycle....never have taken it but thought it might help in recovery time. And by the way, what does PCT mean that you guys keep talking about...sorry but I am fairly new to some of this. Thanks for any suggestions about what I could do better during this time. The more help the better for me...Thanks!

  2. There are many threads on m-1-t supps. Just browse this area and the prohormone board. Some of the questions you are asking is very general and do not apply to just m-1-t.
    I think you should stick to 1-ad/1-test/4-ad and not m-1-t if you don't know what PCT, hawt berry 'stuff' and the 2on/2off/2on regiment actually means. Take a couple weeks or months to do more research.
    IMO m-1-t is just too suppressive and hard on the hair, it definitely not a supplement that anyone can take lightly

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