Proper Nolvadex Use

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by CDB
    I note on the bottle it measures as 20MG per ml, and the bottle totals 50 ml, so essentially the one bottle from CNW covers a full recovery period. As in 3ml ED for the first week, 2ml ED for the second, 1ml ED for the third and fourth. Would this be right?
    Does anyone more experienced have a response to this?

    In the Nolva/Clomid FAQ in the stickies section, this was said

    "What dose of the liquid products do I take?

    Again, treat these products like tabs. How much would you take if you had a hundred or so tabs on hand? If you do not know, I wont explain here and you should discard your anabolics ASAP, because you're clueless. Doses will differ from person to person, I generally play it on the safe side and start at 200mgs ED for a week, 100mgs ED for a week, 50mgs ED for a week. This is something you will have to assess yourself. Im sure you can search around and get your answer. Some start at 300mgs ED for a week, the standard I believe is 200mgs ED for a week. "

    What I am wondering is if these liquid solutions are affected by issues of bioavailability as many of the other orally administered substances are. If the knowledgeable people can't be bothered to go into much detail, a simple link would suffice.

    Are this individuals' dosages correct?

  2. I like IP ancilliaries tabs,



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