I was planning on running a cutting cycle of Tren A/Prop/Winny (stanz)/t3/clen-pct hcg/clomid. I was going to run it like this:

Weeks 1-8 Tren A/Prop (one shot mix) 50mg each ed (w 9&10 250mg Prop ed no Tren)
Weeks 4-10 Winny 50mg (inject) ed

start T3 on w 6 tapper like this: (w6,7,8)
days 1-4 25mcg day 5-8 50mcg days 9-12 75 mcg days 13-16 50mg days 17-20 25mg (number of mcg is ed)
start Clen w9-w11 tapper would be the same starting at 40mcg up to 80mcg and back down.

would start the Clomid (or Nolva not sure yet any suggestions, if Nolva would run 40mcg ed week 1, drop 10mcg each week 3 week total) 4 days after last prop inject. day 1 300mg days 2-7 100 mg days 8-14 50 mg

hcg not sure need suggestions either 250iu twice a week throughout, 1,000 iu/week for 4 weeks in middle, or 1,000 iu/day for 5 days at end of cycle?

taking multi vitamin
double strength fish body oils

routine would be cardio only in the a.m
heavy training in the p.m

meals 6-8/day cals between 2,000-3,000/day

any thoughts? would i need keto if running t-3/clen this way? thanks!