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  1. Nutrient Partitioning Combo

    You read that right! Slintensity and Glucozene and On Sale for $43.94

    Nutrient Partitioning Combo - Mind And Muscle

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    Here’s what you need to know about Nutrient Partioning

    What you eat will either be used by muscle or stored as fat. This process is called nutrient partitioning.
    If your body partitions nutrients well, they’ll go to muscle. If it doesn’t, count on gaining 2 to 3 pounds of fat for every pound of muscle you try to build.
    If you’re a good nutrient partitioner, almost every calorie burned comes from stored body fat and not muscle. If you’re not a good nutrient partitioner, you could lose a pound of muscle for every few pounds of fat you lose.
    The good news is, you can acquire the ability to partition nutrients effectively by using a few simple strategies and the Nutrient Partitioning Combo.
    Maximize your efforts

    in and out of the gym to get the best out of your diet and training

    Designed to help drive more nutrients into the muscle cells and away from fat, the idea behind EvoMuse Slintensity™ is to make every meal more anabolic. Keeping insulin sensitivity high in muscle cells, without causing fat cells to grow has been the goal of nutrient partitioners for years – EvoMuse Slintensity™ pulls it off beautifully.

    Whether you are reserving EvoMuse Slintensity™ for high-carb refeeds, or using it daily to enhance anabolism and controlling fat gain, EvoMuse Slintensity™ is a product you don’t want to do without.

    Hi-Tech Glucozene-Rx™ is a Hi-Tech Healthcare, Weight Loss & Energy Enhancement, and Muscle & Strength supplement that serves as a remarkable Glucose transporter. Hi-Tech Glucozene-Rx™ incorporates within its arsenal of sugar weapons many potent insulin mimickers, potentiators, sensitizing agents, and also glucose transport agents to help facilitate insulin’s role in glucose metabolism. For bodybuilders, athletes, and anyone trying to build muscle,Hi-Tech Glucozene-Rx™ helps ignite the muscle-building, anabolic power of insulin by unleashing its nutraceutical compounds to make insulin receptors more sensitive to the effects of insulin.

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