NootropiMax Profile Contest and Logging Opportunity

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  1. Ingredient number 2: Citicoline

  2. Quote Originally Posted by muscleupcrohn View Post
    Ingredient 1 and the first winner will be announced later today! In the meantime, here are your hints for Ingredient 2:

    -250mg per serving

    Ingredient 2 has been shown to improve attention and increase psychomotor speed in healthy young subjects, and has also been shown to increase alpha oscillations in healthy subjects after a single dose.
    that's easy---caffeine

  3. Starting to fall in love with this company haha getting in on this

  4. Ingredient 2= Citicoline

  5. L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine (Alpha GPC)

  6. 300mg of caffeine.

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  7. My running tally having just come across this today:
    300mg Bacopa 45% bacosides
    250mg citicoline

  8. Remember this is to also log the product so make sure your eligible to log!
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

  9. acetyl l carnitine, amino acids, bcaas

  10. Quote Originally Posted by JohnP. View Post
    BaCognize (Bacopa monnieri) (whole herb) (standardized for 45% bacosides measured by UV-vis) 300 mg
    Quote Originally Posted by DeFos3 View Post
    Ingredient number 2: Citicoline
    You guys correctly guessed ingredients 1 and 2 respectively. As long as you meet the requirements of living in the US and are willing to log it, you guys win a bottle!
    Performax Labs Online Rep.

  11. Sweet!! No reason I couldn't log this for you.

  12. Oh ya! 2 down!
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  13. Fasoracetam
    Life is fair it's your expectations that aren't.

  14. L-theanine

  15. Quote Originally Posted by arete75 View Post
    The first two have been guessed already. There will be a new clue tomorrow.
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  16. Just PM me for whatever info you need When you need it.
  17. NootropiMax Profile Contest and Logging Opportunity

    Day 3

    Research has shown that Ingredient 3 can reduce hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis activity resulting from stress.

    Also, remember, only one entry per day, and no changing your guesses from now on, except to correct spelling.
    Performax Labs Online Rep.

  18. L-theanine

  19. @muscleupcrohn muscleupcrohn has exceeded their stored private messages

  20. Quote Originally Posted by JohnP. View Post
    @muscleupcrohn muscleupcrohn has exceeded their stored private messages
    PMs cleared.
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  21. rhodiola rosea

  22. Guess 3 - KSM-66”. Otherwise known as Withania somnifera
    Chemical Engineer and Canfitpro Certified personal trainer

  23. Phosphatidylserine

  24. Is the 3rd ingredient rhodiola rosea standardized to 5% rosavins?

    I qualify to log and would love the opportunity. It's been a while since I've used nootropics (used to buy bulk noopept and alpha gpc and cap them myself and I've also tried alpha brain) but would love to try your new blend as work has been picking up and I could really use the help.

    When do you plan of releasing this to the public? And do you have a price set yet?

  25. Noopept


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