PINK MAGIC by USPLabs--Who wants to log Magic!

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    PINK MAGIC by USPLabs--Who wants to log Magic!

    Simply stated who wants to log Pink Magic.

    Ingredients will be disclosed to all testers...

    What is Pink Magic...Well some say it just builds strength, vascularity, recovery instantly just like Magic.

    We could not name a weak a$$ supplement Pink Magic.

    I know there is another PM logging thread but ignore that one. This is a new one.

    Anyone Currently logging PM please chime in with a bit of feedback.

    --Log it on Anabolic Minds and update the log 4 times a week
    --As men we both agree to keep ingredients between company and logger. A virtual handshake
    --Can't be on any other Anabolic supplements
    --You must log PM immediately. Please do not recieve and then advise us that you will not log it until next month.

    You will be amazed.

    I already have Supreme validation that I discovered a special product but I want Super hero validation...


  2. Get in on this, guys!
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  3. definitely worth it guys. Jump on it quick

  4. I would love to log this !!! Where do I sign up ???

  5. Wow, how can I get some of this pink magic of yours?
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative


  6. A note about myself. I am about to return to the gym after open heart surgery.

    I have lost alot of strength over the past few months and I absolutely fear how sore I will be once I start up again. I normally experience soreness after workouts anyway - I don't want to even think about how sore I will be after not doing any lifting for 2+ months.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by h968042 View Post
    A note about myself. I am about to return to the gym after open heart surgery.

    I have lost alot of strength over the past few months and I absolutely fear how sore I will be once I start up again. I normally experience soreness after workouts anyway - I don't want to even think about how sore I will be after not doing any lifting for 2+ months.
    Wow man, welcome to AM and best of luck to you in your return to the gym.
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative

  8. en

    Quote Originally Posted by WhatsaRoid? View Post
    Wow man, welcome to AM and best of luck to you in your return to the gym.
    Thanks brother. I was very lucky (aortic dissection) and I am going to make the most out of the rest of my life. Everyday is perfect - I don't complain about anything.

  9. This stuff is BOMB!
    doing my own thang!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by andrew732 View Post
    This stuff is BOMB!
    You lucky dog you
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative


  11. Im down. I am always looking to grow and recover. Also I can pimp pink at my gym I run and get away with it.

  12. good luck guys.. i'm waiting for a bottle to log as we speak, and i'm super stoked from what i've seen on the usplabsdirect dot com forums...

  13. well this would be my first log if I got chosen, I wanna do it! reading from other peoples comments this stuff sounds awesome... I'm not really sure how to apply though?

  14. I'm looking forward to seeing what this product brings to the table. I wish I had the time for logging right now...I'd be throwing my app down if I could!
    Iron Legion Rep

  15. I am still interested in finding out the ingredients

  16. Very interested in using and logging Pink Magic.
    wt: 201
    ht: 5'10"

    I hit the weights full body drop sets 3 days a week, 3 days abs/cardio, and take sundays off currently. I am able to log and update daily, can do measurements and photos before and after, maybe even a video or 2. just finished logging my natadrol/keto recomp with a bit of help from OEP/alpha-t2 stack Another Natadrol Log (unspon) in which I had good results, but I stopped this cycle and saving my last 2 bottles for a chance to get in on some of the pink! willing to use this product in whatever means u need logged, bulking or continue recomp(hopefully adding some lbm with the help of pink magic though), could also track diet if needed. thanks for the opportunity.

  17. When do we find out?

  18. Quote Originally Posted by djbombsquad View Post
    When do we find out?
    considering the loggers will have to hold that secret...I'm sure that won't happen until after the logging has been completed. or, at best, after logging has started.
    Iron Legion Rep

  19. been on it a week and wow it works fellas!!dont miss the chance to run this before it cost ya a few bucks!!

  20. Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    I am still interested in finding out the ingredients
    Pink- 500mg
    Magic- 1000mg

  21. Age:




    Training Experience (Years):
    -I started training when I was 15.I have been training for 7 years
    now.I have broke many goals and have improved my body dramatically over
    these years.I have learned what works and what does not in these years.I am now wanting to compete and try and get my pro card.

    Current Supplements:
    -xf whey
    -creatine mono
    -sportspharma multi-vitamin

    Supplements Intended On Using During Log:
    -same unless something needs to be cut.

    Current Diet Breakdown:
    -I just came off a bulk for 9 months want to lower my bf. I am eating 260 grams of protein, 150 grams of carbs, and 45 grams of fat.

    Current Training Protocol:
    -I will be doing a four day split with three rest days.It will look like chest and triceps on Monday,back and biceps on Tuesday,legs on Wednesday,shoulders and traps on Thursdays. I will also be doing cardio in the a.m. on a empty stomach and then again after my workout.

    WILL You Post Before/After Photos:

    Why Should We Pick You:
    You should pick me because I will give an honest review no matter what on the product.I will be very dedicated to my workouts and my log.I will update my log everyday. I will push myself to the max to make sure I get evreything I can out of your product.

  22. Any other picks?

  23. I will log the hell out of it.
    Love usp products that I have used
    I am honest and hardcore.
    Know that you won't give me garbage
    Either that or take pity on me...I live in an Igloo!
    Sponsor a Canadian--->me =)

  24. Sounds like a great product. Im sure yall will pick a worthy applicant. Best of luck to all.

  25. I'm very interested in trying this out. If anyone knows anything about where to "apply", please send me a PM!

  26. Guys get in on this!

    Pink Magic is game changing- I'm only a week in and am maintaing weight while cutting body fat, increasing strength, and am looking HUGE

    This will define the supplement game forever

  27. I am IN.

    I am a recreational power lifter and general bodybuilder. I also train to stay in shape for hunting, mountain climbing and other outdoor activities. I work long hours doing cardio and heavy lifting for 10-16 hours a day and eat my face off to maintain weight. I have a wife and a kid on the way, so my life has to be well organized. I train balls out and if your product works for me it will most likely work for anyone. I will be as unbiased and honest as possible.

  28. Age: 21

    Sex: M

    Height: 5'7''


    Bodytype: ecto

    ABOUT YOURSELF ! ! WHY should we choose you ! !):
    Started lifting in jr high for comp soccer, continued lifting until end of highschool and then stopped when i went to jail , when i got out i continued to not be active in the gym. i got sick (hyperthyroid and muscle wasting) and ended up close to dying in the hospital at 80 lbs in March of 2009. since then 70lb gain. so you should pick me because I have used alot of other prewos and can be a good judge of what works and what doesnt. Im dedicated to what i do in regards to anything related to lifting, both in the gym and in the kitchen.
    Ive purchased almost every USP product and the bulk powders were the best IMO. Bulk Pslin, 1-C, Dominatp,super sap, and vat attack were awesome. I have not tried prime and I almost bought a kilo of tribulus aquaticus but Im on the fence about how good it really is. Id log this product completely unbiased and report only the truth, daily updates aswell.

    Current Training Schedule / Protocol (as much detail as possible):
    FST-7 based routine and alternate every 2 weeks with 5x5
    Cardio Schedule/Protocol (as much detail as possible):
    15 min fasted every morning, 30 minutes post wo 3xweek, 1 day fasted cardio 1-2hr.
    Current supplements (exact brand/product name):
    Recompadrol (Logging elsewere)
    APS plasmagen
    APS mesomorph
    Universal Storm
    IDS Whey

    Current Diet and macros (as much detail as possible):
    i eat 3500 cals monday, wednesday, thursday, 3700 on tuesdays, 4000 or so on saturdays. fridays and sundays I dont eat any carbs and keep my cals at least 3000+ with lots of fat. This is what has worked for me so far. I plan my meals two days in advance and cook a few beforehand aswell because Im away from home at school most days so i have to pack 3-5 meals with me .
    Current Daily water intake:
    1 gallon
    Short Term Goal:
    175 by august
    Long Term Goal:
    200 4% BF

    Other product reviews / logs you have done (with links):

    Current / Progress Photos:
    availble in the first log posted above

    Can you post "before" and "after" photos (yes or no):

  29. Would it be a good idea to have someone who is 10weeks out log this?

  30. Quote Originally Posted by capnsavem View Post
    Pink- 500mg
    Magic- 1000mg

    Jacob said to not reveal the ingredients !

    IBE/PHF Boladrol - The Most Potent PH in the World - Available Now!


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