PINK MAGIC by USPLabs--Who wants to log Magic!

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by USPLabs View Post
    winners chosen tomorrow
    I like the underlined part especially!

    Great news USP...may another day await

  2. awesome! good luck to everyone!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by srgraham69 View Post
    today is really gonna be the day! I can feel it.
    Yeah thats what i meant friday is the big day, that's definately what i was really feeling lol

  4. Quote Originally Posted by srgraham69 View Post
    Yeah thats what i meant friday is the big day, that's definately what i was really feeling lol
    Dont play the lottery anytime soon with that luck lol

  5. can this be better than prime.i really need to find out if its magick.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by USPLabs View Post
    winners chosen tomorrow
    Can't wait!! Good lick to everyone

  7. crossing my fingers

  8. I get they are making everyone wait so they can get the pink shirts printed before they send the magic to the loggers.

  9. Well, another night comes to a close as I go and recover! Looking forward to whom USP goes with. Hopefully I make the cut and they give me the chance. Its without a doubt I wouldnt let them down One hand washes the other right? They take care of me...I take care of them and the people of AM with my highly detailed hourly updated log!

    G-night all, hope they mention the winners early! That would start someones day off quite nicely!

  10. good luck all, i know these logs wont disapoint!

  11. Today is the day!! Crossing the fingers!!

  12. it's gonna be a long slow day til the announcement, too excited lol..

  13. Yea Jacob the anticipation is killin me.......

  14. fingers are sore from still being crossed

  15. Maybe USP can announce the winners sometime earlier today to prevent you guys from having an anxiety attack lol

    Just wait it out...those they feel that can do the best job of logging their product letting those that didnt get or want the chance to run PM will be picked I assume
    <which I am hopefully one of the picks> hehe

  16. in the words of Yukon Cornelius, *throws pick ax into the air* "Nothin".

  17. Phewf, just got back in from the gym. Blasted my I sit back and wait for the annoucement which hopefully is sooner then later. Although I have a weird feeling winners wont be picked today <scratches head>

  18. good idea.could you imagine a bunch of guys in the gym with pink shirts on with the words pink magick on them?

  19. Any updates?

  20. have not heard anything.jacob should tell us soon

  21. Good luck to everyone again. I really hope I get the chance to log this

  22. <nods head>

    I really hope USP follows through and picks the winners tonight!

  23. yeah I think this was really just a test to see how much anxiety could be created :P

  24. tick tock

  25. It's 930 I'm stil waiting all day haha give me a chance with this pink hahah

  26. hmm....

  27. I'm posting from my iPhone. I'll be picking late tonight or early tomorrow.

    I'm excited for the AM vatos!

  28. Lol for another day I guess.

  29. ah i wish i could looks sweet hope the hype is real

  30. The anxiety is killing me I set my alarm early to look and see the results


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