PINK MAGIC by USPLabs--Who wants to log Magic!

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by eatingisfun View Post
    Wednesday isn't even half over yet, unless we're going by Australia time
    whoops, I completely forgot they said that.
    Just inject.

  2. Can't wait

  3. C'mon Me

  4. <--is eager to run a crazy detailed log on this. Have nothing else better to do during my prep but sit on the computer Would be the most quickly responded and updated log ever haha they say, hope for the best and expect the worst I really hope USP pulls through for me on this one because this seems like it would put the nail in the coffin for my prep and lay all the negatives of dieting to rest. It would really show its "true" capabilities when one is in a defecit. Meaning...if calories arent there to help "you know" what the supplement is doing. Then, you can only imagine what it would do for those that are in a caloric surplus!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by n8te View Post
    Can't wait
    I don't think any of us can!

  6. ants in the pants, pants on the ground, lookin like a fool wit ya pants on the ground


  7. Good luck to all the hopefulls, due to a possible logging opp. I have received (more details later), I will be dropping my application. Good Luck to everyone! I'll still be excited to see who gets and and the logs!
    Just inject.

  8. Make sure to send me the link study, I'll follow along

  9. Quote Originally Posted by pctforeal View Post
    Make sure to send me the link study, I'll follow along
    Will do, and for those curious, it will HGHpro by Anabolic Innovations.
    Just inject.

  10. Yea I was wondering Didnt want to take the attention away from PM though!

  11. Good luck study! And congrats!

  12. drum roll please.......... (thursday!!)

  13. Quote Originally Posted by mrlargecalves View Post
    drum roll please.......... (thursday!!)
    Is today the majical day we have been waiting for??

  14. Yep yep come on Jacob. Give us the goods

  15. Quote Originally Posted by pctforeal View Post need for the negative nancy attitude But, opinions are like a$$holes, everyone has one and your certainly entitled to yours.
    I thought excuses are like a$$holes, everyone has one and they all stink haha

  16. @ my signal unleash "The Magic".....

  17. anything guys?

  18. lol monster, either one sounds good to me!!!

    machwon breathing down USPs' neck haha - They'll come around when they are ready, nothing more you/we can do about it

    <still waiting patiently bouncing my foot biting away at my nails> haha

  19. Quote Originally Posted by srgraham69 View Post
    yep yep! hopefully today is the day!
    today is really gonna be the day! I can feel it.

  20. any news from anywhere?

  21. soon.............guys......... ..soon

    Get Ready for The Magic!

  22. Who said Magic...?

    I like Magic

    Pink Majeek ha
  23. Guest
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    winners chosen tomorrow

  24. Quote Originally Posted by USPLabs View Post
    winners chosen tomorrow
    Lol I love it

    Party tomorrow bc its Friday!


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