PINK MAGIC by USPLabs--Who wants to log Magic!

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  1. I will run pink magic!!

    AGE:21(almost22 may25

    Stats: 5' 10" 180lbs 12%BF

    scedule: I workout 6days a week. m-s. the split is as follows

    Goal-gain mass bulk to about 205 cut to [email protected]%bf.

    experience- one year seriously off and on for 3 years before that.

    logs-i never did a computer log but i keep a log book for everytime i workout.

    Am i in for a tester??

  2. i'd like to run a bottle

    223lbs (today)
    23 yrs old
    I work for a national three letter supplement chain

    Flat bench 365
    incline becnh 315
    squat 415 Legit parallel
    LP 1,435 x2
    Deads= 405

    I have a nagging shoulder injury but still but up 335 for sets of 3 every week, mainly limits shrugs and overhead press

    I run 4 weeks high rep, 4 mid range, and 4 heavy

    I have had mixed results with USPLABS
    Jacked was awesome ( i still wish it was like sierra mist tho)
    Powerfull and Cissus rocked

    Prime and TNA did little for me

    I am always trying to gain lean mass and improve my PRs

    My current Stack
    MegaMen Ultra Green MV
    extra Calcium+ D
    Flax 1300
    Geranium Oil
    Arginine = 6 grams a day
    Black Powder
    Luecine powder ( 7 grams preWO)
    NitroCore ( before bed, upon waking)
    Myofusion throughout day
    Wheybolic 60 pre/post WO
    Creatine Mono

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    Picking wednesday or thursday

  4. Great to hear! USP FTW!!! Would be amazing to run this during my prep, would really determine how effective it is at holding muscle/strength/recovery etc etc. Not better time to judge something then when in a caloric defecit as you dont have the excess calories helping with the above! I'd be running Prime, AP, Jack3d, and maybe PinkMagic
    Body Blast Stack by USP

    Im curious how you guys are going to pick and how many more testers at that. Guess we'll see come a couple of days! I really hope I can get a crack at this chance to test what seems to be an amazing product! Wouldnt let you guys down in any way if you were to pick me, thats for sure!

  5. I wrote above my stats and such. But wanted to add i ran prime 3 times just because it gave me great strenth gains. I would love to get a go at the new pink magic. Hope to hear from you tomorow or thursday.

  6. waiting to hear

  7. The heat is on...anticipation builds!

  8. I would love to log it I've logged usp's products in the past unsponsored but I've been dying to get a hold of some of this stuff so log would be updated virtual handshake made and muscle building started

  9. Been coming out of the woodworks lately!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by pctforeal View Post

    The heat is on...anticipation builds!
    [nomedia=""]YouTube- glenn frey - the heat is on video[/nomedia]
    \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //

  11. Classy boro....classy

    Not to gritty for how I intended it'll do lol

    Either way I appreciate the afternoon foot tapping tunes! haha

  12. still looking for loggers? I have been working out for years but never logged. im 27, 5 "10, 205 lbs. 12-14 body fat. would love to get down before my wedding in july. supplements i take daily: supercissus rx...took away my bicep tendonitist(right where it attaches proximally in the armpit) pain free bench press again! cee and aakg and beta ala on workout days. Love Jackd but since I work out late I cant fall asleep with it. Willing to give an honest and educated review.

  13. Wow did i really just see a link to that

  14. lmao...boro gets busy in the gym to that I Think

  15. Quote Originally Posted by farrellzach View Post
    Guys get in on this!

    Pink Magic is game changing- I'm only a week in and am maintaing weight while cutting body fat, increasing strength, and am looking HUGE

    This will define the supplement game forever
    bla bla bla, just like usp labs prime did

  16. need for the negative nancy attitude But, opinions are like a$$holes, everyone has one and your certainly entitled to yours.

  17. Age 38 yrs
    Weight - 186
    height - 5'8"
    BF 12%

    Yrs training 20

    Former competitive bodybuilder that continues to stay active in the BB'ing community.

    Currently cleaning up diet (carbs one day/low the next) < eat clean 5 days, cheat 2> for the summer and an eventual comeback to the stage.

    Follow the FST-7 program, workout anywhere 1-2 times a day and generally do a 30 minute cardio session 4-5 days a week which consists of eliptical.

    Have run other logs on here and would embrace the opportunity to try this product. keyword SuppTalk Radio

    Muscle Research Code AM10

  18. Got my fingers crossed!! Good luck to everyone..

  19. Patiently waiting tick tock tick tock!

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Imeniaan View Post
    bla bla bla, just like usp labs prime did
    yup did for me!

  21. Rise and Shine my fellow USP Pink Magic hopeful loggers!

  22. Quote Originally Posted by pctforeal View Post
    Rise and Shine my fellow USP Pink Magic hopeful loggers!
    yep yep! hopefully today is the day!

  23. Maybe they forgot?
    Just inject.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by USPLabs View Post
    Picking wednesday or thursday
    Wednesday isn't even half over yet, unless we're going by Australia time

  25. Quote Originally Posted by eatingisfun View Post
    Wednesday isn't even half over yet, unless we're going by Australia time
    haha yeah patience has seemed short in this thread, too much excitement and anticipation for the pink!


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